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San Francisco Giants Eckstein’d in the 10th, Must Dust Themselves Off Yet Again

David Eckstein is 5'7", weighs 175 pounds, and both those figures might be generous. One of his affectionate (possibly not) nicknames is "Just Enough."

In other words, you do NOT expect him to hit a walk-off home run against one of the filthiest relievers in baseball, Jeremy Affeldt. This goes for just about every yard in Major League Baseball, which means it carries treble truth when Eckstein steps to the plate and stares into the yawning expanses of Petco Park.

Of course, baseball keeps a full stock of unlearnable lessons—don't swing at the high fastball, never make the first or last out at third base, always burn it out of the batter's box, always call the fly ball, etc.

God's decided to remind Giant fans of yet another in the 10th inning of Bleacher Report - San Francisco Giants
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