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NL West Rumblings Have Division Gearing Up for Potentially Epic 2nd Half

If you had to describe the National League West's showing thus far in the 2013 Major League Baseball season with a single word, it would have to be "disappointing."Back in late March, the general consensus around the baseball universe was ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants’ 2nd Consecutive Walk-Off Home Run Has Familiar Feel to It

The San Francisco Giants' game Saturday night had a familiar feel to it and not just because Buster Posey hit a walk-off home run the night before.Guillermo Quiroz's game-winning home run off Brandon League is a nearly perfect metaphor for ... (Continue reading)

Tim Lincecum’s 2013 Season Already a Microcosm of His Disastrous 2012 Campaign

Tim Lincecum had a brutal, those-numbers-can't-be-right 2012 season.It was one of the most-dissected storylines of the year and for good reason. When you are two years removed from winning consecutive National League Cy Young Awards and post one of the ... (Continue reading)

Zack Greinke Injury Proves One Thing: LA Dodgers Are True Media Darlings

Matt Kemp's sluggish start is suddenly the least of the Los Angeles Dodgers' concerns.That's because Zack Greinke fractured his collarbone in a donnybrook that was triggered when Carlos Quentin charged the mound after being plunked in the shoulder by a ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants Taking a Serious Gamble on Angel Villalona

Angel Villalona is an arrogant killer or the victim of callous opportunists, depending on whom you ask.He's also shown hints of being an exceptional baseball player, which is why he's being welcomed into the San Francisco Giants' fold during spring ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants’ Offseason Looking Better as Winter of Insanity Continues

The world economy is limping along and Europe is slowly sinking into a quicksand of debt with every rosy report chased by a slew of gloomy ones. Meanwhile, yet another financial disaster is looming in America, which begs the question: If ... (Continue reading)

Ravens Won, 49ers Lost Super Bowl XLVII Because They Followed Harbaugh’s Lead

At some point, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh must get himself under control. Considering his team just lost the franchise's first Super Bowl in six trips, now would be a terrific time.And if the first blemish on San Francisco's ... (Continue reading)

Colin Kaepernick Stirring Ghosts of Legendary QBs from 49ers’ Past

Except those ghosts never had tattoos.For a moment, Colin Kaepernick's ink threatened to overshadow his game. Luckily, America didn't fall too hard for the transparent attention grab and the kid is far too smart/talented to be derailed by such idiocy.Instead, the ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants Flush with Championships, Still Short on Respect from ESPN

In most sports, on most planets, winners are revered.There are exceptions.Sometimes the planets align and you benefit from some ethereal component that can't be quantified, captured or reproduced. In those cases, alas, you are dismissed with profanities like "lucky" or ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Dodgers Building a Colossus in Southern California…on Paper

If the rumblings around the baseball hot stove are to be believed, the Los Angeles Dodgers have made their first really troubling moves. According to numerous sources (like, the Dodgers spent the weekend writing more checks with lots of ... (Continue reading)