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Cuban Missile Crisis? The Los Angeles Dodgers Must Reach Out to Mark Cuban

The Los Angeles Dodgers are rapidly approaching a breaking point within the front office.  Yesterday, I detailed how Frank McCourt's diminishing bank account could have a pulverizing effect on the Dodgers' organization.  Which brings me to Mark Cuban, the possible savior for the ... (Continue reading)

LA Confidential: Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt Is Running Out of Money

I was foolishly under the impression that things couldn’t get any murkier for the Los Angeles Dodgers front office. Then I came across a startling article in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday that claims Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is running ... (Continue reading)

We Don’t Want No Drama: Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp Standout for the Dodgers

Thus far, the offseason for the Los Angeles Dodgers has been mired in speculation about the divorce of Frank and Jamie McCourt. Does the team have enough expendable money to fill their roster holes?  Will Frank have to sell the team to ... (Continue reading)

Flash Forward: Why the Los Angeles Dodgers Matt Kemp Will Be the 2010 NL MVP

The National League MVP will be announced this week, and it will undoubtedly be handed to Albert Pujols. With this year's race all but locked up, I wanted to take a look at a player who I consider to be the ... (Continue reading)

Tim Lincecum Wins NL Cy Young, Continues on Path to Baseball Greatness

Tim Lincecum has joined an elite group of hurlers by capturing his second consecutive Cy Young award on Thursday. The Giants had only one Cy Young to their credit (Mike McCormick, 1967) until 2007, and Timmy has brought home the trophy ... (Continue reading)

A Pair of Cards Might Help Tim Lincecum Win the NL Cy Young

The National League Cy Young Award will be announced early Thursday afternoon, and there are a trio of pitchers with viable claims to the trophy. Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, and Tim Lincecum are the front runners to win, but one of ... (Continue reading)

Joe Torre Needs a Contract Extension Amidst Unsure Time for Dodgers

Uncertainty is the most unbecoming characteristic of a baseball team, and right now it has emerged as the best way to describe the state of the Los Angeles Dodgers heading into the offseason, both on the field and off. Owner Frank ... (Continue reading)

Tim Lincecum Smokes Weed: Time to Cue the Outraged Media

Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession last weekend in southern Washington State. Washington State Patrol reported smelling marijuana when Lincecum initially rolled down the window, and upon inquiring about the smell Lincecum produced 3.3 grams ... (Continue reading)

Jamie McCourt’s Request To Rejoin Dodgers Denied by LA Court

A Superior Court Commissioner ruled that there is no state law to give back Jamie McCourt her role as CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers. “From an employment analysis, there’s no law that would support the court reinstating an employee,” said ... (Continue reading)

The One Where Vicente Padilla Goes All Plaxico Burress on Us

It has been a short-lived offseason for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but already yet another story has arisen that makes the organization seem more like a soap opera than a Major League Baseball club. Reports out of Nicaragua on Tuesday confirmed ... (Continue reading)