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Stick with Alex Smith, 49ers: Montana and Young Aren’t Walking Through That Door

During last night's game against the Philadelphia Eagles, chants of "We want Carr" rang throughout Candlestick Park. I'm sorry, 49ers fans, but David Carr isn't the answer. Alex Smith didn't play the prettiest of games, and his fumble that was returned for ... (Continue reading)

Barry Bonds and the Steroid Era: Revisited With Fresh Eyes

Last night, after I put my son to bed I sat down on my couch with a beer and my dog and began watching The Tenth Inning, the sequel to Ken Burns's Baseball.A quick review is that the documentary is ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: A Tale of Two Quarterback

It's only week two and already the NFL is a buzz with quarterback controversy.  Jimmy Clausen has supplanted Matt Moore in Carolina, Coach Andy Reid is sticking with Kevin Kolb for week three instead of Mike Vick and in Oakland ... (Continue reading)

NBA Finals 2010: Making a Case for Ron Artest To Be the Finals’ MVP

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Kobe Bryant was the best player of the finals for the Lakers. There is also no doubt he's been the best player in the league since Michael Jordan hung up his sneakers. However, in ... (Continue reading)

LA Angels’ Jered Weaver and Matt Palmer Witness a Suicide

Fox News and The New York Daily News are reporting that yesterday afternoon Jered Weaver and Matt Palmer of the L.A. Angels witnessed a 39-year-old man leap to his death from the top of Le Parker Meridien Hotel on 56th ... (Continue reading)

NFL Bone Heads of the Week for Week Six

I’m a dog lover, in fact I have two of my own: a rambunctious Jack Russell Terrier (some may say Terror) named Taylor, and an older than dirt Beagle named Diamond. I was completely and utterly appalled by the actions of ... (Continue reading)