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The Chargers’ Image Is Priority

Philip Rivers is a great guy! He doesn't drink, smoke, gamble, do drugs, or engage in suspicious behavior. He is a religious man, a family man, and from all accounts a good father and husband. He is active in charities and ... (Continue reading)

Chargers May Be Interested In Lynch

The Buffalo Bills recently reported to the NFL network and Adam Shefter that they are putting Marshawn Lynch on the trading blocks. That was kind of expected, but what wasn't expected was their asking price. They stated they would settle ... (Continue reading)

LaDainian Tomlinson: The Chargers Strike Back

LaDainian Tomlinson is at it again. Recently he went to the New York Daily news with another onslaught of criticism against the San Diego Chargers. He stated not only was the organization against him, but also, they built the team ... (Continue reading)

The Aggressive San Diego Chargers and The Mysterious A.J. Smith

Every day on BleacherReport, we see articles on who we should draft. We also see free agent pick-ups we need, and many valid points are made. We see over and over mock drafts, and elite players that we should look ... (Continue reading)

Josh McDaniels: The Greatest Ally The Chargers Have

As a Charger fan, and friends with several Raiders fans and a Chief as well, I honestly have to say, Josh McDaniels is the best friend of any AFC rival of the Broncos. The Broncos have made some big off season ... (Continue reading)

San Diego Chargers: How They’ll Fill Their Holes

Wow, its been an interesting offseason. We've sent a lot of Chargers heading in new directions this year. We've created some mighty big shoes to fill in this years draft. Honestly, we've presented ourselves with an akward array of needs. Not ... (Continue reading)

Chargers-Raiders: Let’s Stop the Hate

For years, the Chargers-Raiders rivalry has been well documented. Often it is a horrible event that causes further irritation. Yeah wer'e both in the AFC West. Yeah, there's been tension since the 60's. Yeah, the Raiders fans have a nasty reputation. But, people ... (Continue reading)

Could Former Florida Gator QB Tim Tebow Land with the San Diego Chargers?

  While rumors of Tim Tebow coming to San Diego aren't exactly brewing, in my opinion, I think its a very likely possibility actually. Most draft boards currently have him slipping into the third and fourth round. If the Chargers see him on ... (Continue reading)

San Diego Chargers Plus Steven Jackson Equals Lombardi

Putting together the triangle in San Diego is something we've never really managed to do. If we have a great running game, our passing is poor. If we have a great offense, our defense struggles. If we have a strong ... (Continue reading)

Dear San Diego Chargers, Show Me the Money!

This offseason, the Chargers are unloading the stables as quick as Iv'e ever seen before the starting gates open April 22 draft day. I keep hearing and reading about what a great strategist and talent hawk A.J Smith is, but ... (Continue reading)