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Oakland Raiders: Super Bowl Bound? The Team’s Mission Is To Sit Atop AFC West

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. For seven long years Raider Nation has endured the bitter taste of defeat at the hands of almost every team in the NFL, particularly our hated division rivals.  This year, it is ... (Continue reading)

Take a Load Off, Russell, the Oakland Raiders Just Sure Did

So in the spirit of over-written topics, I would like to put my spin on the recent release of JaMarcus Russell. It's an unfortunate thing when a talented person fails at something they were meant to do.  And JaMarcus Russell did ... (Continue reading)

Third Times’ a Charm: Five Oakland Raiders Poised for a Breakout Season

The Oakland Raiders' roster is comprised of many young, fresh talents that have yet to be completely materialized.  Entering their third year of play, many of these players have the potential to be game-breakers.  I see big things in the ... (Continue reading)

JaMarcus Russell Will Hopefully Find Himself Sacked by a Redskin One More Time

The brief rise and sickeningly quick fall of JaMarcus Russell has been documented well enough. I must admit, I was wrong when I wished we had selected Brady Quinn first overall in 2007, but I wasn't completely wrong. I have never been ... (Continue reading)

My Spring Hope Springs Eternal; The Raiders Will Win

Every year, about this time, my mind scrambles at thoughts of the coming NFL season. Will Oakland be better? Playoffs? SUPERBOWL??? Well most years, as I say every year, my hopes are based on blind faith that one day the Raiders will ... (Continue reading)

The Art Of Convincing: Why The Oakland Raiders Are Winners

One of my favorite sayings, "It's All Relative" is the easiest way of putting it.  There are several ways of determining a Raider victory.  First of all, if the game is determined by 7 points or less, in the opponents ... (Continue reading)

Al Davis a Zombie? (Satire)

As it stands, the Oakland Raiders are not faring too well this season. Constant speculation has had to do with who will be the next coach, will Al Davis relinquish control of the team, and when will we win ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders’ Darrius Heyward-Bey Can’t Catch. Maybe He Can Return?

Just a thought. After repeated sub-par performances by our first-round pick, and our failure on special teams to consistently bring the ball past our own 20-yard-line, I believe we can kill two birds with one stone. If Chaz Schillens returns this week, ... (Continue reading)