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How Jim Harbaugh Can Get the Most out of Randy Moss

49ers wide receiver Randy Moss has a tendency to piss people off ruffle some feathers. He also has a reputation as a player who may not give 100 percent 100 percent of the time. But perhaps he landed in just ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco 49ers: Will Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith Start at QB in 2011?

When the 49ers selected Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick with their second pick of the 2011 NFL draft, it signaled the (eventual) end of an era: The Alex Smith Era.But when, exactly, will that era come to an end? It may ... (Continue reading)

Vincent Jackson Holdout News: Is He Worth The Price For The Seahawks?

For Vincent Jackson, the San Diego Chargers, and the Seattle Seahawks, nothing is official yet. It never is until the name is signed on the dotted line. But one thing is official: the Chargers have told Jackson, one way or the ... (Continue reading)

Five San Francisco 49ers Most Impacted By Brian Westbrook’s Signing

It may have taken awhile, but Brian Westbrook is no longer a free agent after signing a one-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers lost Glen Coffee to retirement a year after he entered the league, and ... (Continue reading)

Fantasy Football: Lucky Seven NFL Rookies Who Could Make an Impact in 2010

Every year, rookies find a way to make an impression in fantasy. Whether it’s an injury or simply rotational time, the players were drafted for a reason and their coaches intend to utilize them. These aren’t necessarily players I find ... (Continue reading)

Five Good Reasons The San Diego Chargers Aren’t Trading Vincent Jackson

The NFL offseason often turns into a Hollywood drama of emotional players and militant front office reps. The recent episode between the San Diego Chargers and Vincent Jackson has been no different. Not only is Jackson searching for a contract extension, ... (Continue reading)

NFC West 2010 Preseason Power Rankings

The NFC West has been anemic as of late, with no clear front-runner because no one is willing enough to take the title and run with it. Teams have taken turns at the top for a few years before falling ... (Continue reading)

2010 NFL Draft: Why Taylor Mays to the Oakland Raiders Makes Sense

I've always wondered why so much stock is put into 40-yard dash times. We hear it all the time: "Speed kills." It's obvious that a player needs to have a lot of quickness and speed to compete in the NFL. Without pointing fingers ... (Continue reading)

The Daily WTF: Richard Seymour Said What?

In one of the many blockbuster moves this offseason, and just days before the regular season opener against the Buffalo Bills, the New England Patriots traded their star defensive end Richard Seymour to the Oakland Raiders for a first-round selection ... (Continue reading)

The Daily WTF: Michael Crabtree Holdout Ends

  Michael Crabtree was a diva before he ever set foot on an NFL playing field. The story begins on Apr. 21, 2009. The Oakland Raiders are selecting seventh overall in the first round. Desperately in need of a wide receiver, everyone ... (Continue reading)