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Jerry Rice: Past Memories of Watching One of the NFL’s All-Time Best

NFL Network has finished its top NFL players of all time list and 2010 Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Rice was atop the countdown. Now the debate starts as to if he was the best player in the history of ... (Continue reading)

NFL 2010 Preview: Michael Crabtree and 32 NFL Breakout Candidates

The NFL and its 32 teams have so many talented players and every year there are several who breakout from obscurity and become a star for their team.Not an easy thing to predict like all others things when it comes ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings: Five Niners To Watch Tonight

Tonight's matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Minnesota Vikings highlights the return of quarterback Brett Favre to the football field for his (supposedly) final season in the NFL.Even though I am not a huge Niners fan as say ... (Continue reading)

Kamerion Wimbley Literally Sacks Chicago Bears In Oakland Raiders’ Win

Oakland Raiders linebacker Kamerion Wimbley single-handedly sacked the Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler four times in Saturday night's win. Wimbley who was acquired in a trade with the Cleveland Browns this past offseason, has severely underperformed in his four-year career ... (Continue reading)

2010 NFL Predictions: Top Rookie Running Backs Who Might Start

The 2010 NFL Draft saw many team look to a newer and younger running back and picked one to help both in the running attack and for depth on the backfield.A college running back can make an easy transition into ... (Continue reading)

Fantasy Football: NFL’s Top 10 Sleepers at Wide Receiver

Fantasy Footballers are beginning to research for their teams right about now, and for some the planning can be very intensive because big dollar jackpots could be at stake in some leagues. The hardest thing to predict is which players are ... (Continue reading)

Raiders’ Bo Jackson: One of the NFL’s Most Explosive and Entertaining

Raiders running back Bo Jackson only played in the NFL from 1987-1990.For those, like myself, who are old enough to have seen Jackson run the football, talk about how amazing of an athlete and football player he truly was. A dual-sport ... (Continue reading)

2010 NFL Draft: Five Keys to a Successful San Francisco 49ers Draft

The Niners are one of a few teams that are on the brink of getting over the hump and back into the NFL playoffs. Head coach Mike Singletary has instilled a culture into this team in a short period of time ... (Continue reading)

2010 NFL Mock Draft: Do the 49ers Now Want Taylor Mays Post-Ted Ginn Jr Trade?

The latest trade that sends former Miami Dolphin Ted Ginn Jr. to the San Francisco 49ers is not the end of the wheelin' and dealin' in the pre-2010 NFL Draft. This trade may not have the impact of change as either ... (Continue reading)

Ted Ginn Jr. Traded: Dolphins Wide Receiver Heading To the San Francisco 49ers

The Miami Dolphins continued to make waves in NFL trade news on Friday, sending wide receiver Ted Ginn, Jr. to the San Francisco 49ers for what is said to be a "late-round pick" in the 2010 NFL Draft, ... (Continue reading)