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Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: The Real Comparison

Are you as sick of the fake Kobe Bryant/Michael Jordan comparisons as I am? Seriously, why is not good enough for Lakers fans to simply accept that they have ONE OF THE GREATEST players of all time.  Why must they insist on ... (Continue reading)

Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers: An Unnatural Rivalry

If the buzz on this site and throughout the web is any indication, the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of becoming the next great sports rivalry. This is unusual, as the teams (as they are now ... (Continue reading)

What’s Wrong With Kobe Bryant Fans?

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a Kobe Bryant fan? No matter how many times you acknowledge that Bryant is a great player, if you dare suggest that he has significant flaws, that he is not the best player in ... (Continue reading)

Is Kobe Bryant Poised To Hit the Wall?

Time catches up with everyone. There's no escaping that fact. The question is, when is it likely to happen to Kobe Bryant? Bryant will turn 32 later this month. While many comparable players have been able to play at a very high ... (Continue reading)

NBA Free Agency Aftermath: League Quivers, Lakers Say “Bring it On!”

In the wake of a week of speculation, rumors, and hype, it's time for a little honesty. Around the country, the quotes are coming from players, coaches, GMs, owners, sportswriters, and fans. They are all saying, in essence, "We're not worried ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant Vs. Robert Horry: Can We Finally Have This Discussion?

Now that Kobe Bryant has won his fifth NBA Championship, we can finally discuss the issue that many have been reluctant to address in the past... Is Bryant on par with Robert Horry? Let's break it down, shall we?   Total NBA Titles Kobe ... (Continue reading)

Why Are Kobe Bryant Fans So Defensive?

Expedition Diary: Entry Number 37 (May 27, 2010) Our travels brought us to the shores of the great ocean of the West. There, we encountered the tribe that was dubbed by my predecessors Lakerius Fanitur. Our observations revealed that a sub-set of ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant Has Led the Lakers To Four Titles…Myth

Kobe Bryant has won four NBA Championships.  Fact. Kobe Bryant has a very good chance at winning a fifth title in 2010.  Fact. Kobe Bryant is one of the top players in the league today.  Fact. Kobe Bryant belongs in the discussion of ... (Continue reading)