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49ers: Defensive Position-by-Position Breakdown and Depth Chart Analysis

At this time of the year, take everything with a grain of salt. Trust and believe nobody. This is the dead part of the offseason that both fans and players hate.

Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating about the trusting-nobody mantra, but you get my point.

Now, what do bored football fans do during this two-week hiatus of sorts? Well, we could focus on other sports. How about soccer?

Ah, too soon?

All joking aside, why don't we delve into some NFL depth-chart discussion. Yes, this list will likely change at the conclusion of both training camp and preseason action, but it doesn't hurt to get a sneak peak at what's to come in the following weeks.

Let's take a look at the defensive depth chart for the Bleacher Report - San Francisco 49ers
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