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Why Shannon Brown Is the Future for the Lakers

Lakers PG Derek Fisher has always been the great inspirational leader of the Lakers (and lately the spokesperson as well), but let's face facts. Fish is 35 years old. His skills are beginning to fade before our eyes. Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss have to have this thought in the back of their minds. Last year, the Lakers traded Phil Jackson's favorite "space cadet" Vladamir Radmonavic for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown. During the 2009 Playoffs, while backup guard Jordan Farmar was in a slump, Shannon Brown was inserted into games and left an impact on this organization from the start with his fearless play and his high-flying ability. Here are a few reasons why I believe Shannon Brown, and not Farmar, will be the future point guard for the Lakers.

Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers
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