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Incompetency Reigns Supreme: Cohan’s Coaches as Warriors’ Owner

Chris Cohan finally sold the Golden State Warriors for a NBA record $450 million. For Warrior fans this is one of the best days for the franchise in nearly two decades, because the incompetent Cohan is finally gone. If it weren't for Donald Sterling owning the Los Angeles Clippers, Cohan's reign as owner would be the worst in NBA history. Under the ownership of Cohan, the Warriors went from playoff team to perpetual losers in every aspect of the word. Only twice did the Warriors make the playoffs during his tenure: 2006-2007 when the Warriors took out the Dallas Mavericks, and in the 1990s when the Warriors had players such as Chris Webber, Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, and Latrell Sprewell. Here's a look at the coaches the Warriors have had under the ownership of Cohan.

Bleacher Report - Golden State Warriors
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