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Will Orlando Hudson Dog the Giants Right Out of the Playoffs?

I don't like second-guessing. I won't tell you I've never indulged in the practice, but I still think it's more than a little cowardly and would apply the same adjective to my own weaker moments.

It's safe and easy to look/sound wise when you have the benefit of hindsight.

It doesn't take much creativity to mold an argument that takes full advantage of recorded events, but sounds like it could've been reasonably made and applied before said events occurred.

No great effort or acumen is required to wait for someone else to take a leap, then blast them as a fool if the leap goes awry because you never leave solid ground.  You have the audacity to criticize without the courage to risk anything and that's weak sauce.

So I'm really glad I wrote Bleacher Report - San Francisco Giants
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