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To Papi, Manny, and the Other 102 Cons, Cheating Is Cheating Is Cheating

There has been no shortage of stories about yesterday's shocking, yet not so shocking news, regarding Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and former Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez. Many of my friends and fans reached out to me, inquiring how I felt on the subject.

I'm flattered by the thought that so many of my friends think of me and the Red Sox in the same grouping of brain cells like some psychoanalytical game of free association.

As a die hard and passionate fan of the Boston nine, I suppose many thought that I would defend my boy and minimize the impact that yesterday's "non-news" has on my team.

I certainly did not suffer from a shortage of opinions when my arch nemesis Alex Rodriguez' name was leaked (see my story Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Dodgers
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