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Thoughts on the Giants: Pablo Sandoval “Eyeing” A Higher Batting Average

When you think of someone with bad vision you tend not to think of baseball players who hit .330 with 25 home runs. 

Pablo Sandoval may have not had terrible vision, but the Panda is getting some brand new Oakleys to help him "see" the ball better. 

I know what you're thinking. 

A guy who hit .330 is getting glasses so he can see the ball better? Cue the Tim The Toolman Taylor soundbite please. 

Apparently Sandoval has been wearing his new specs when he was playing in the Venezuelan league this past off season and the numbers speak for themselves. 

If hitting .395 and five home runs is any indication well then ask yourselves this.

Is a 2010 batting title in line for our favorite Bleacher Report - San Francisco Giants
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