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MLB Power Rankings: San Francisco May Be Giants by Year’s End

Armando Galarraga, James Joyce. You know these names, you know what happened. But there was still a lot of baseball last week in 28 cities not named Detroit or Cleveland. What happened? A lot more than everyone realizes.

You have your Power Rankings, you have your Web Gems, you have your local sports radio, you have your biases.

Of course you know what’s going on with your favorite player on your favorite team. You know what’s going on with Albert Pujols, Jason Heyward, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Roy Halladay (heck, you even know who Armando Galarraga is, how to spell his name, and that there is an umpire out there who wrote Ulysses...that’s a joke...).

Bleacher Report - San Francisco Giants
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