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JaMarcus Russell Lovers, Get the Hell Out of the Raider Nation!

How you like them apples? All these Al apologistas that write about how it's NOT Al's fault are so enamored with Al and his vision of the Raider mystique that they'll absolve him of any fault no matter what the decisions ... (Continue reading)

Will The Raiders Lose 10 Games Again This Year?

In the history of this historic franchise, the Oakland Raiders never had more than two consecutive seasons of losing 10 or more games, in fact from 1960 to 2002 the Raiders had only had a total of four seasons (this ... (Continue reading)

Chickens Coming Home to Roost: How Did Raiders Get Here?

Passion is the nemesis of reason.  A desired outcome can sometimes blind the reality of the situation.  Don't get me wrong, I want the Raiders to win a Super Bowl again before I die, I'd like to be able to die ... (Continue reading)

Jamarcus Russell Is Our Best Option. Our Only Option.

Please keep in mind, I'm not blaming Russell for the Raider woes, he's only a part of it, but even those woes go way beyond incomplete passes and a couple fumbles, so as you read this, please keep in mind ... (Continue reading)

The Erosion of a Raiders Fan’s Hope

Sports is a microcosm of life.  An old coach of mine once told us, as eager teenagers thinking that everything in life lay ahead of us, the greatness of life was that, like in sports, you live to fight another ... (Continue reading)