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Los Angeles Lakers Win Once Again at Home in Staples Center

The Lakers are undefeated at home this year in the playoffs due to their game plan and energy. Utah Jazz simply didn't have enough talent to win this series. The Jazz have three youngsters who aren't used to starting and have ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Lakers of Old are Ready To Play

Before the playoffs started, the Lakers' last meeting against the Thunder was terrible. They lost by 16 points and had no momentum going into the playoffs, losing six of their last ten games. However, these Lakers are playing like the Lakers ... (Continue reading)

Top Five Problems the Los Angeles Lakers Have Come Playoff Time

The Lakers have had a roller coaster year,with many ups and downs. The Lakers won eight out of their first ten games and Reggie Miller predicted them to go 72-10. The Lakers haven't lived up to their expectations this year, as ... (Continue reading)

Can the Los Angeles Lakers Start a Dynasty ?

Believe it or not, Kobe has never won a championship that hasn't repeated more than twice. This is why the Lakers might start a dynasty. Pau Gasol is only 28-years-old and will be good for a long time. Andrew Bynum is still ... (Continue reading)

NBA: The Top Five Championship Contenders

1. L.A Lakers It looked like the Lakers were back on track after winning seven games straight (against quality teams, too) until their loss to the Thunder. However, they still look unstoppable because they are playing team ball with the assistance ... (Continue reading)

Lamar Odom Needs to Bring Fire

When Lamar plays well, the Lakers are extremely hard to beat. With Andrew Bynum playing inconsistently and getting into foul trouble, Lamar will get his chance to shine. Just because Kobe is back doesn't mean you can't be aggressive. Lamar ... (Continue reading)

What Is Wrong With Pau Gasol?

Pau Gasol should dunk it and get angry. With Artest and Bynum playing inconsistently, Pau needs to step up for the Lakers to win a championship. Against, Toronto he missed an easy layup that he could have easily dunked. Pau is ... (Continue reading)

Lakers’ First Three-Game Losing Streak in Two Years

The Lakers had a must-win game today against Orlando, which they failed to do. The Lakers couldn't get going in the first quarter, except for Kobe. Kobe had 13 points in the first quarter, but slowed down throughout the game until ... (Continue reading)

Are the Los Angeles Lakers in Jeopardy of Coming Second in the West?

The Lakers are only four games up on the Mavericks for first place in the West. The Mavericks are on fire right now, on a 10-game winning streak, with Kidd and Dirk. A lot of people were saying they missed ... (Continue reading)

When Will Lakers’ Bynum Show Some Consistency?

Andrew Bynum sometimes looks like he is one of the best centers in the game while other days he looks very uncordinated—he looks like he is playing in slow motion. I know it's only his fourth year but he hasn't improved ... (Continue reading)