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Quick Take: 49ers Performances in Ugly Loss to Tennessee Titans

Apologies in advance to the editors who have to clean this up.  I'm VERY short on time so I'm just brain dumping this stuff because I feel like I have to get it out on the table for discussion.  Feel free ... (Continue reading)

Here’s Hoping Alex Smith’s Spark Catches Fire for the 49ers

Per Mike Singletary's Monday Presser , Alex Smith will be the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers going forward.  For those of us who got to watch the second half of the Houston game, this move brings with it some ... (Continue reading)

49ers-Texans: What Can San Fransisco Fans Expect?

We've all had nearly two weeks to go through all of the various phases of dealing with a teeth-kicking loss to Atlanta.  First there's panic, generally during the game in question, followed shortly thereafter by anger, sadness, get the picture. Eventually ... (Continue reading)

49ers Fans: Is It Too Early To Believe?

Many fickle 49er fans (say that three times fast) as well as so-called "experts" alike are all answering or trying to answer one question: "Are the 49ers a good team?" In the wake of one of the worst losses in franchise ... (Continue reading)

Changes Coming: Singletary’s Monday Presser Highlights

Most fans, myself included, were reeling after Sunday's blowout loss to the Atlanta Falcons at Candlestick Park.  Trying to find answers and retain some hope, I turned to head coach Mike Singletary's Monday press conference.  Coach Singletary did not disappoint. First, ... (Continue reading)

49ers Vs. Vikings Final Minutes: Why Hind Sight Is Always 20/20

As I watched the screen of a "netbook" style laptop waiting for the next play to refresh, I remember the sense of victory I had when the 49ers got the ball back late in the 4th quarter. I was unable to ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco 49ers: Thoughts After Two Wins

I wrote this article after the third preseason game of 2009, detailing who the San Francisco 49ers were as a team. My reactions to their play in the preseason led me to make some statements about the team, as well ... (Continue reading)

The San Francisco 49ers Are Who We Thought They Were…but Hoped They Weren’t

Sure, it's the preseason.  I know, you're not supposed to draw any conclusions from it.  But I tend to disagree, to an extent. When the first-team offense is going up against a first team can draw some conclusions.  These are ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco 49ers Look Rough Around Edges in Preseason Opener

Though there were plenty of bright spots, to me it looked at times as though the 49ers thought they were playing in a scrimmage perhaps.  Maybe that's the way the coaches wanted to approach this game.  Don't play your butts off, ... (Continue reading)

Update: Brandon Jones Out For Two Months just reported that San Francisco 49er wide receiver Brandon Jones will miss two months with a fractured shoulder.  Head coach Mike Singletary is apparently saying that Jones will not need surgery. This takes away some quality depth at the position and ... (Continue reading)