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Ervin Santana Returns to All-Star Form Against Oakland A’s

The Los Angeles Angels finally got the pitching performance they have been waiting for this season. Ervin Santana who struggled mightily through the first half came out guns blazing Thursday night. Last year Santana had an outstanding season for the Angels ... (Continue reading)

Angels’ Young Stars Shine Bright before All-Star Break

It's no secret that the Los Angeles Angels have been riddled with more injuries this year than any other team in baseball. With Vladimir Guerrero heading back to the DL and first-half MVP Torii Hunter also heading to the DL, the Angels are ... (Continue reading)

The Lakers Will Get the Absolute Most Out of Ron Artest

All the pieces are in the right place for the Lakers to get the best out of Ron Artest.Ron Artest took a pay cut to come to L.A. for one reason—he knows this is his best chance to get a ... (Continue reading)

Three Reasons Why Torii Hunter Is the A.L. MVP of the First Half

No player has been more valuable to his team this year than Torii Hunter. Hunter has always been a great player and a great leader; these are facts. This season, however, he has taken his game to the next level when ... (Continue reading)

The Lakers Need Trevor Ariza, and Trevor Ariza Needs the Lakers

For the past two days, I have been hearing reports about Trevor Ariza leaving the Lakers. The reason he is about to leave is because the Lakers are refusing to give him more than the mid-level exception, which is $5.36 ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Angels Looking To Turn Things Around

The Los Angeles Angels have not been very fortunate through the first half of the MLB season. No team has had to deal with the same amount of key injuries or the tragic death of a young star on the ... (Continue reading)

Angels/Dodgers: What I Learned About The Freeway Series

This weekend I attended my first Dodgers and Angels game. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Anaheim, and the stadium was sold out. Before this series started last week, I read an article about how Dodger fans couldn't care less about ... (Continue reading)

Congratulations To The 2009 World Champion Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers haven't silenced their critics, but they sure have made them look pretty stupid. Even after Kobe won the title no one said he would get people are still looking for ways to put him ... (Continue reading)

Lakers-Magic: The NBA Finals, Where Kryptonite Happens

Well, it's safe to say the Lakers stole another game from the Magic. Superman Dwight Howard had some kryptonite thrown his way in the form of free-throws with 10.6 seconds left. Kobe Bryant didn't play great, but again made a few really good passes ... (Continue reading)

Lakers-Magic: What Los Angeles Must Do in Game Four

Game Three was exactly what Orlando wanted. Yes the Lakers shot the ball well, but I think it's pretty clear the Lakers don’t want to get into a shoot-out with the Magic. In Game Four, someone from the Lakers might want to ... (Continue reading)