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San Francisco Giants: Plan Z for Barry Zito’s Return May Help Tim Lincecum

The San Francisco Giants five-man starting rotation is set, with two-time Cy Young winner, Tim Lincecum, leading the pack.At No. 2 is lefty Jonathan Sanchez, whose stuff may be the best on the staff and threw a no-hitter in 2009. In ... (Continue reading)

NLDS 2010: Are The San Francisco Giants The New Atlanta Braves?

Are the 2010 San Francisco Giants the new "Atlanta Braves" of the 90s and early 2000's?  Maybe. Think about these: 1.) Buster Posey could potentially be the Giants' version of "Chipper Jones." 2.) Tim Lincecum could potentially be the Giants' version of "John ... (Continue reading)

Alex Smith or Bust: The San Francisco 49ers Have Made Their Bed

Time and time again, the 49ers have essentially said it's Alex Smith or bust... Well, it looks like they are going bust for 2010. An organization sometimes has to commit to something that may not look or feel good, but it will ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants a Cursed Franchise Since New York Era?

Are the Giants cursed?  Well, this year, you could say "no."  However, I'm thinking long-term.  First of all, what do I mean by cursed?  Well, while the Giants are actually one of few major league baseball franchises with over 10,000 ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants Sign Mark DeRosa, Juan Uribe, and More?

Does Sebean smell blood in the water?  Does Giants ownership fear fan backlash? Or both? Reports are that the San Francisco Giants have just agreed to terms with Mark DeRosa for two years/$12 million. Other reports suggest the Giants are ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: With Sue Burns Gone, Is Ownership Now in Trouble?

With the passing of Giants' Principle Owner Sue Burns earlier this year, is San Francisco Giants' current ownership, led by Bill Neukom, in trouble? Where there's smoke, there is or at least maybe some fire. The Giants are in a slow motion ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants Have Great Pitching, Bad Timing

The 2009 Winter Meetings have concluded, and the San Francisco Giants came away looking like they did little, but probably did plant the seeds for a deal or two to take place. Rumors continue to persist that the ... (Continue reading)