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Raiders Bring Steelers and Fans to Tears

The Oakland Raiders went into the home of the Steelers as 14 point underdogs. After three quarters of what was a low scoring and close game with a score of 10-6 in the Steelers favor. Both teams went on a ... (Continue reading)

The Oakland Raiders Are Soft

The Oakland Raiders could not beat a team in which every QB to face them over the past four or five games burned them in the passing game. The Oakland Raiders WRs are a joke, causing a couple picks because they ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Take Football to New Lows

Over the Oakland Raiders' last 100 games, there has been no NFL team in the history of the game to have played as badly and lost more games during a 100-game stretch. I am writing this with 6:00 minutes left ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Punked at Home By Denver Broncos

Everytime you give the Oakland Raiders a chance to make a statement they fall flat on their face. It all started in pre-game warm-ups as both teams players started to meet at midfield with the trash talk. It became heated and coaches ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Dominate San Diego Chargers, Need to Learn to Finish

The Oakland Raiders dominated the San Diego Chargers for most of the night on both sides of the ball but could not come away with the win. The Raider defense looked as good as I can remember and were totally dominating ... (Continue reading)

Richard Seymour Speaks, Makes Fools Of Many in the Media

Richard Seymour, an Oakland Raiders Fan since his childhood, finally broke his silence about the blockbuster trade that sent him to the Oakland Raiders for a 2011 first-round draft pick. Richard stated that the New England Pats blindsided him with the ... (Continue reading)

New England Tells Richard Seymour: “It Is Payback Time.”

Richard Seymour is not mad at the Raiders; Richard Seymour is mad at New England, and here's why... When coach Cable said there was some issues that Seymour had to work out with New England, coach Cable was telling the truth. Despite ... (Continue reading)

Raiders Insist Disrespected Rookie Receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey Will Catch On

Maryland's offensive coordinator, James Franklin has the following to say to anyone who did not like the Oakland Raiders 2009 first round pick Darrius Heyward-Bey. "Just wait, you"ll see. He's still very raw, and probablly could have used one more year, ... (Continue reading)

Raiders Offensive Left Tackle Mario Henderson a Star in the Making

Mario Henderson, the 24-year-old offensive left tackle of the Oakland Raiders, attended school at Florida State. Mario was used early at Florida State as a TE and a RT, was a redshirt junior, starting only two games his junior year ... (Continue reading)

The Oakland Raiders a Truly Global Franchise

The Oakland Raiders and and AirAsia have announced on Friday that they have entered a new sponsorship deal.  AirAsia's A340 airliner Xcellance has been painted with the Raider colors of Silver & Black. The airliner has the Raiders shield on the tailfin and an eye patch ... (Continue reading)