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Can’t Tame The Beast: What Makes Blake Griffin a Nightmare for Any NBA Defense

Blake Griffin. Upon mention of the second-year rookie's name, reactions vary from a mere shaking of the head to an excited fan going on a spiel about his ability, power, talent and, most of all, his jaw-dropping dunks. But don't tell ... (Continue reading)

Mythbusters: Debunking Five Popular Thoughts About Kobe Bryant

It is terribly difficult to try and put yourself in the gargantuan shoes of Kobe Bean Bryant. Sasquatch's feet have nothing on the size of the shoes Bryant wears everyday. To begin to understand what it must be like to be ... (Continue reading)

Phoenix Suns Experience the ‘Kobe Effect’ in Crushing Game Five Defeat

"Great players win scoring titles. Great teams win championships." A fellow named LeBron James once gloated that he could, "win the scoring title every year if he wanted to." His follow-up to that comment was, "It doesn't matter." Really? James and his 2009-10 ... (Continue reading)

Does Kobe Bryant Need Another Title to Solidify His Legacy?

To answer the above question in one word: No. Okay three words: A resounding NO! Now that I've said that, I can end this article now, but since so many people are on television and in print chastising Kobe for the split ... (Continue reading)