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Michael Jordan Says He Could Score 100 in Today’s NBA,Would You Bet Against Him?

More News, Notes, and Commentary at Rip City Report I'm going to tell you right off the get-go that you would be crazy to bet against Michael Jordan. Crazy. Insane. Ludicrous. Because Michael Jordan and great athletes like him, will stop at nothing ... (Continue reading)

2010-11 NBA Predictions: 5 Ways To Make The Golden State Warriors Relevant Again

More News, Notes, and Commentary at Rip City ReportThe Golden State Warriors aren't a good team.Was that blunt enough?They just aren't, but they do have the talent to build something the could resemble a very good team within the next five ... (Continue reading)

2010-2011 NBA Season Predictions:10 Players Who Will Greatly Exceed Expectations

More News, Notes, and Commentary at Rip City ReportEvery year there are players and teams a like that exceed the national expectations. whether that is something caused by a lack of exposure to these players is beyond me, but it always ... (Continue reading)

The Brandon Jacobs of the NBA: 10 NBA Players Most Prone to Violent Outbursts

 More News, Notes, and Commentary at Rip City ReportThere are players that are a little ornery and then there are players that take it to the next level.And that next level can end with punches being thrown and multiple ejections resulting ... (Continue reading)

High Expectations: A Look At The Title Contenders For The 2010-2011 NBA Season

More News, Notes, and Commentary at Rip City ReportIf there is one thing that is certain heading into the beginning of training camp, it is that the power is shifting from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference.and that is something ... (Continue reading)

Not Quite There Yet: Six NBA Players On The Verge Of Stardom

More News, Notes, and Commentary at Rip City ReportAlmost doesn't count.But there are a lot of players that are almost to the top, but just haven't made it over the hump. I know who they are and you know who they ... (Continue reading)

A Summer In Review: Six Signings That Will Payout Tenfold in The 2011 NBA Season

This Article Courtesy Of Rip City ReportFor many teams, the offseason can be the most important time of the year.Whether it is rest and recover, or rejuvination in the form of new blood meaning a new addition to the roster.and ... (Continue reading)

History Of The Black Mamba: The Top 10 Plays In Kobe Bryant’s Career

This Article Courtesy Of Rip City ReportKobe Bryant has been the best player in the NBA consistently through the past 10 years. Buzzer beaters.Jam dropping dunks.Championships.Superb athleticism.He's got it.Mr. Bryant may not be Michael Jordan, but he is the closest thing available ... (Continue reading)

2010-2011 NBA Season Marks the Return of Many Elite Big Men

This Article Courtesy Of Rip City Report Yao Ming, Blake Griffin, Joel Przybilla, Greg Oden, Andrew Bogut, Mehmet Okur,Kendrick Perkins, and Andrew Bynum will all be returning to action after having major surgery and missing part of the 2010 NBA season. Yao broke his foot, ... (Continue reading)

L.A. Lakers: Doc Says They Won Title Because of Kendrick Perkins’ Injury

This Article Courtesy Of Rip City Report Lakers fans, what do you think about this? Doc Rivers had this to say about June's NBA Finals against the Lakers: “They still have not beaten our starting five. Our starting five against the Lakers starting ... (Continue reading)