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What to Expect From the 2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers

No team has higher expectations for this coming season than the Los Angeles Lakers. Fresh off of last season's NBA Championship, the Lakers made only one significant change from last year.   Everybody knows about the Lakers' stars, here are the reasons ... (Continue reading)

The Forgotten Heroes

With the Basketball Hall of Fame Ceremony just around the corner all the focus tends to be on the stars. Laker hall of Famers like Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Magic et al made history but they didn’t do it ... (Continue reading)

Tragedy Or Triumph For A Laker

Casual fans of the Lakers may wonder who the guy sitting at the end of the bench during the Finals was. He was the guy who rarely got into games during the season and did little to show he should ... (Continue reading)

Hating Kobe: A Writer’s Guide

Since the end of the 2009 NBA Finals, a lot of writers who have hated Kobe are no longer able to say that Kobe never won without Shaq. With Kobe’s personal problems behind him and a growing consensus that he is the current ... (Continue reading)

NBA Finals—Lakers-Magic Game Five: Lakers Win 15th Title

I suppose a relative blowout to end a series that started with a blowout makes sense.  Honestly though, I must admit that watching Orlando just make a token effort in the game seemed almost an insult after their effort in the ... (Continue reading)

Lakers-Magic Finals, Game Four: The Heartbreaker in Orlando

I’ve seen a lot of NBA Championship games and this has to rank as one of the best.  A great start by the Magic, a third-quarter comeback keyed by a player who had been quiet in the Finals followed by ... (Continue reading)

Lakers-Magic Final Series: There is Magic in Orlando, Notes on Game Three

As a Laker fan I was not happy with the result but as a basketball fan this was a great game.  Home cooking was the difference here.  Orlando’s search for a point guard was answered and we learned a lot ... (Continue reading)

NBA Finals Lakers-Magic: Magic Is Still Just A Name, Notes on Game Two

Game Two was a great game.  The Lakers played well and the Magic not only showed up but almost won.  Here are just a few observations about game 2. Courtney Lee did not personally lose the game Though many Orlando fans will ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles-Orlando: Notes on the Lakers Magic Series

Before the first game was played there were a lot of predictions about what would happen in this series.  Now that the first game has been played let’s look at some of those predictions and how they played out in ... (Continue reading)