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Oakland Raiders: Depth at Wide Receiver, but Do They Have the Talent?

For Raiders fans of any age, mentioning the WR position either conjures up memories of Fred Biletnikoff, Cliff Branch, Tim Brown or for lesser duty, Ronald Curry in a snowstorm. The Raiders have a unique history, of either finding constant ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Painfully See Key Players Leave

Sometimes, being a Raider fan makes a person want to change the battery in a hearing aid. For multiple years, fans for the Silver and Black would hear how Al Davis had run the program into the ground, drafted poorly, ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Raiders Coming Back to the NFL? Al Davis Remains the Key Issue

A recent story that is floating around the media circles has pegged the Oakland Raiders as a team considered to be moved to Los Angeles, via a deal from billionaire Philip Anschutz. The deal, in simple terms would have Anschutz ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Endure Week of Winning and Losing Popular Coach: Does It End?

One week ago, the Oakland Raiders were looking at their last week of the 2010 football season. A fan of the Raiders could look at the season as one that got away and looking at the Kansas City game, might ... (Continue reading)

The 2010 Oakland Raiders: Should The Raiders End The Marshall Plan?

Going into this season, many wondered how the offense and defense would be changed considering the shakeup with the coaching staff. Tom Cable's offensive duties were slimmed down, with Hue Jackson taking over some of the issues. Meanwhile John Marshall, ... (Continue reading)

Season in a Nutshell: Top 10 Season-Killers for the Oakland Raiders

For the Oakland Raiders, it has been a season of good wins and painful losses. Before today's game finished, the Raiders were out of the playoffs, due to a win by the Chiefs against a Titans team that didn't look ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders QB Jason Campbell: Is This the Second Coming of Daryle Lamonica?

Now, after spitting coffee all over the monitor (or Eggnog), let me state something simple. No, I don't imagine Jason Campbell is going to be an awesome QB that will lead the Raiders to several playoff berths in quick fashion, ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders and the End of 2010: Two Wins, Two Losses or a Split?

Oh, but the fun we have, without the one horse sleigh. The Oakland Raiders, sitting at 7-7 (Yes, that's right, they are at .500) are going to be hosting a Colts team that is presently fighting for their own playoff lives. While ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders and the 2010 Season: What Does a Win Sunday Mean?

For the last several years, Oakland has been known as a place where dreams go to die. Careers go stagnant, with their only hope, being parole to another club or retiring in shame. For the last seven years, the best record ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Blueprint: Take It One Game at a Time, and Don’t Hold Back

A day after the Pittsburgh debacle, the boo-birds were back out in force. How could so many people instantly go blind to the last five weeks? For one, the Raiders did have some help to their falling from grace on Sunday. Ben ... (Continue reading)