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NBA Team Incomes's interesting to see how much money teams are making. Larger cities with more disposable income have obvious advantages, since they can charge more for tickets, can spend more on players, and have a higher chance of ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Lakers’ Chance at a Repeat: Examining the Other Contenders

In order to judge a possible dynasty I feel like you have to look at the other contenders. The Cavs upgraded with Shaq. We would have beaten the Cavs pretty easily in 2009 if they made it to the finals—this addition ... (Continue reading)

Lakers Buy Time on PG Situation, Sign Shannon Brown

Lakers salary breakdown (link) The Lakers are signing Shannon Brown to a two-year, $4.2 million deal. The way I see this is that the Lakers are basically buying time to decide who is going to take over as Fisher winds down ... (Continue reading)

Some NBA Preview E-Mail Thoughts

Nick:I just wanted to know everyone's thoughts on all the most recent free agent developments. Of course, I'm most interested in Boston's signing of Rasheed and the likely signing of Big Baby by the Spurs. Hedo to the Raptors and ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant Takes a Pay Cut? Maybe If He Owned the Team

Now that the Lakers are the 2009 NBA Champions, the talk has begun on how they could repeat their success next year.Two of the major pieces to this championship run, namely Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza, are unrestricted free agents, ... (Continue reading)

Kobe A Teammate?

Ever since Kobe Bryant entered the NBA in 1996, he's been compared to Michael Jordan. But throughout his first decade in the league most people questioned his ability to make his teammates better or even trust them.Even in this recent championship ... (Continue reading)

What It Means To Win an NBA Championship

As a Lakers fan that bleeds purple and gold for the team and Kobe, this one is sweet. Sweeter than the 3-peat. Sweeter than listening and hearing and watching highlights from the 80's. Sweeter than watching Horry drain a step-up ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant: From the Best, to Best Closer

Whenever a great player is mentioned, people like to have a catchphrase or nickname to go with. Most players will carry their nicknames on forever, and there are usually two types of nicknames for each player. One based on personality ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant in the Clutch, Part 2

In games two and three, Kobe has had two missteps on crucial game-deciding possessions.In game two he got blocked from behind by Hedo Turkoglu and gave Lee an opportunity for Orlando to win the game. He also passed on a ... (Continue reading)

Andrew Bynum: Sit Down and Shut Up

I think ardent Bynum supporters are irrationally coddling a player without the basketball acumen he needs that will not come with time. Footwork can be taught in part, but awkwardness can't be removed. He doesn't have a nose for rebounding, you can't ... (Continue reading)