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Sonoma State Alums Thriving in Sports Industry

Matt Chisholm and Nader Sherafat knew long ago that they had no shot at being paid to play sports. So the two Sonoma State grads and sports fanatics instead used their degrees and job experience to do the next best thing: ... (Continue reading)

Ellison Should Forget About Warriors, Take the Entrepreneur’s Route

The NBA would be much better off with a second team in the Bay Area as opposed to continuing to stick with one in a lousy market like Memphis. And that possibility could become a reality by as early as 2012 ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: A Simple, Long-Term Plan to Keep Tim Lincecum

The probability of Tim Lincecum staying in San Francisco for the next 10 years is very high. He is smart enough to understand that his quirky personality and liking for green substances is a perfect fit for the Bay Area, and ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders On the Cusp of Breaking Away from Mediocrity

The Raiders can’t let head coach Tom Cable ruin their season, as doing so would eliminate their chance of establishing the winning foundation that they need to make the playoffs in 2010.   That may sound funny to the Keystone Light-drinking fraternity ... (Continue reading)

Don’t Write Off the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in October Just Yet

No organization or fan base is more nervous heading into the 2009 Major League Baseball Playoffs than those affiliated with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.   And you can’t blame them, as the Angels are quickly replacing the 1991 to 2005 ... (Continue reading)

It’s Time for the San Francisco Giants To Free Themselves of Brian Sabean

New Giants managing general partner Bill Neukom has a treacherous decision to make very soon regarding whether or not to pick up general manager Brian Sabean’s option for the 2010 season.   Sabean has had his fair share of success in San ... (Continue reading)

LA Dodgers Don’t Look Like World Series-Caliber Team

The 2009 Los Angeles Dodgers are the ultimate example of why being a Major League Baseball general manager is so hard.   Certainly times are good for the Dodgers right now, as they sport the best record in the league at 64-39 ... (Continue reading)