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Memo to Oakland Raiders: Tom Cable Wasn’t Calling the Plays

I must start this blog by saying that I was conflicted about whether the Oakland Raiders should fire coach Tom Cable. Firing him would create uncertainty.  At the same time, Al Davis could not afford to let go of offensive coordinator ... (Continue reading)

How Balloon Boy Proves The Innocence of Tom Cable By Transitive Property

Today, Richard and Mayumi Heene plead guilty to charges related to the infamous "Balloon Boy" stunt. Mr. Heene pled to felony charges, while Mrs. Heene pled to misdeamenor charges. I would prefer to avoid the jargon of that story and go straight to ... (Continue reading)

Announcing the Boycott of ESPN To Raider Nation, the NFL, and NOW

--I have sent a request to my respective US Senator to investigate ESPN, and I implore that you do so as well-- I had to address this issue.  I thought about saying nothing, because it is a complicated issue, one in which ... (Continue reading)

The Truth About Raiders Coach Tom Cable and ESPN

I had to address this issue.  I thought about saying nothing, because it is a complicated issue, one in which many people have their interests at stake, and so I wonder if I can truly do anything about it, or ... (Continue reading)

Why It’s Time for Raider Nation To Sue ESPN for Defamation

Here's the deal.  Roger Goodell has unfairly suspended black players in the NFL in recent years.  The thing is that, the Players Union could not do anything about it, because they agreed to give the NFL Commissioner that power in the ... (Continue reading)

What I Really Mean: Why Does ESPN Undermine the Oakland Raiders?

We in Raider Nation have long asserted that ESPN "had it out" for Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders.  In the past year, that idea has gone from mere complaints of perception to blatantly clear to objective observers of ESPN ... (Continue reading)

Why the US Congress Should Create a Public Sports Network

Had people been more willing to ask questions and educate themselves, they would have been more skeptical of predatory lenders.  That though does not absolve the Wall Street businesses that spent and invested beyond their means, and thus aggressively pursued ... (Continue reading)