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LA Lakers: The Best Team In The NBA, Or The Most Coddled?

Watching the game today between Cleveland and LA, it struck me that there is a great divide between a Lakers team that is coddled and one that has to play at the same level and set of rules ... (Continue reading)

OAK’s Recent First-Round Picks: Has Al Held On Too Long and Dropped The Ball?

I just read a nice article by Bryan Leifeste, entitled "Oakland Raiders: Success in the Second Round". It was about great second-round Raider players. This article was very well written and brought back some fond memories of past great ... (Continue reading)

Man-Ram: “Crowd-Pleasing” (aka Mo’ Money) or ‘Who’s Laughing Now?”

The audacity of MLB (and Man-Ram) to throw his 50-day suspension in our face as a token of MLB's efforts to "clean up" the game made me laugh my ass off. He and the front office of Major League Baseball ... (Continue reading)

LeBron Who? Kobe Bryant Has Answered All the Questions

The ongoing LeBron/Kobe debate has spun on and on for the past NBA season and beyond. "King James vs. the Black Mambo", yada, yada, yada. Guess what! This argument has been put to rest, at least until next season. ... (Continue reading)