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Will Kyle Orton Play in Huge AFC Showdown Between Broncos and Chargers?

A month ago, the Chargers were buried and all but finished for the season. A 34-23 loss at home to Denver was their third in five games to open the year and created a 3½ game hole in the division. Making ... (Continue reading)

Chargers’ Run Game Lost in Witness Protection

It hasn’t quite gone the way of the flying wedge, but it’s getting close. If it were a television episode, it would require an update on the fate of the courageous heroes. Out on the town on a Saturday night, and ... (Continue reading)

The Blame Game: Fault With Chargers, Not Fans

It’s apparently come down to this—it’s the fans' fault. The substandard play of the San Diego Chargers has been laid at the feet of the 60,000 or so paying customers, who show up on game day. Called out, too, are the million ... (Continue reading)

For Turner and Chargers, Manhandled Is Just a Loss

Some are fans of selective memory, while some advocate amnesia. Others might even refer to bad losses as turning the page. Chargers head coach Norv Turner prefers denial. "I would not use that word," Turner said to reporters when asked if the Steelers ... (Continue reading)

Pass-Happy San Diego Chargers are in No Rush to Give Up Modest Ground Game

The Chargers may be channeling their aviator past with a 21st century iteration, but elements of the ground game are still readily apparent. And whether the through-the-trenches chores are handled by LaDainian Tomlinson or Michael Bennett or Darren Sproles, “Air Turner” ... (Continue reading)

The Loss of Jamal Williams Is Bigger Than Losing Merriman Last Season

Healthcare is not just a concern in Washington. For every senator looking to debate a particular issue or sort through the din of misinformation, there is an NFL general manager, head coach and trainer hoping to answer the simple question. Can my ... (Continue reading)

San Diego Chargers: Towering Receiving Corps Produces Monumental Headaches

Given the NFL’s decision to settle tie games with a half court game to 11, the Chargers will be favorites to seize victory in any extra period. By posting up Antonio Gates with inside help from Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd, Chris ... (Continue reading)

Chargers-Raiders: San Diego Plays Familiar Tune in Victory over Oakland

Gertrude Stein was clearly wrong about Oakland. It is precisely there—a place that often gets noticed for the wrong reasons—where the Chargers go to get a victory. Any place else Monday night, and the team would be practicing this week with the ... (Continue reading)

Chargers Must Win the Super Bowl Or Leave Town

There is no next year. This isn’t about building for the future. It’s not about taking stock and assessing team depth, either. Save that for the rest of the division. The Chargers have to step out, lay waste to the West, get to ... (Continue reading)

Is The Chargers’ Future Varying Shades Of Blacked Out?

How exciting will the Chargers be this season?   Apparently not enough to attract a sellout crowd for Saturday's exhibition opener against the Seahawks. Without the appropriate allotment of tickets sold the stay-at-home folks will be blacked out in the home market. The ... (Continue reading)