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NBA Trade Rumors: Could the L.A. Lakers Start Trading If Slump Continues?

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently broken out of their slump in commanding fashion, winning their fifth game in a row and destroying the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-57. It was a game so dominant that the Lakers set several franchise records, ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Lakers Report Card: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not At the Start of 2011?

Fact: the Los Angeles Lakers are the back to back defending champions of the NBA.Fiction: the Los Angeles Lakers have no chance of three-peating with how well the Spurs and Heat are playing as of late.It's a long season, ladies ... (Continue reading)

Phil Jackson: Why There Will Never Be Another Zen Master

I'll be the first to admit that the NBA has a wealth of great coaches at the helms of their teams. That being said, the number of legendary coaches will soon drop to zero.It appears that the Utah Jazz will have ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Lakers: 12 Reasons Andrew Bynum Will Cure L.A.’s Recent Woes

The Los Angeles Lakers have been in a funk lately, and like Nicholson, something has got to give.After suffering a string of defeats from non-playoff bound teams, Los Angeles rebounded slightly with a victory over the Sacramento Kings.Whew. It would ... (Continue reading)

NBA Progress Report: Grading the Golden State Warriors’ Last 10 Trades

One reality NBA players must get in touch with is that this league is business first; transactions can—and will—happen.Players get traded for all kinds of reasons. Some have bad attitudes, some have expensive contracts that need to be dumped, and ... (Continue reading)

NBA Power Rankings Week 3: Have The Hornets Replaced the L.A. Lakers Up Top?

Greetings Hoops fans, and welcome to the second week of the Bleacher Report NBA Power Rankings!We've already had an amazing and surprising season so far with Milsap going off for 46 points, the Jazz becoming the NBA's new comeback kings, ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Lakers: Why Their Much Improved Bench Is the Key to Their Three-Peat

When you think of legitimate championship contending teams in the NBA this year, who comes to mind?While your home team may be on the list every year, most people are thinking about these few squads: The Miami Heat, the Boston ... (Continue reading)

2010 NBA Preseason: Los Angeles Lakers vs FC Barcelona Observations, Analysis

The NBA season is now just around the corner, and the pre-season games have begun.Today the Los Angeles Lakers squared off against the FC Barcelona men in Spain, for a highly anticipated pre-season match up. Many people have questions on ... (Continue reading)

The Boston Celtics: Are They Still the Greatest NBA Franchise?

Just one decade ago, the gap between the Celtics and any other team was colossal.Even considering that the Green had not won a championship since 1986, their closest competitors, the Los Angeles Lakers, had only 11 titles to Boston's 16. ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant: 10 Reasons the Los Angeles Lakers Great is Hated

It's no secret that Kobe Bryant is the most polarizing figure in the National Basketball Association, or at least he was until the whole "South Beach" development.Let's just call it a close contest for now. With all the amazing moments ... (Continue reading)