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Is Manny Ramirez at It Again?

It is certainly in the realm of possibility that Manny Ramirez is indeed another waste of money for the Dodgers. His play after the 2008 All-Star break was remarkable. Batting an astonishing .396, terrorizing pitchers with 17 home runs, as well ... (Continue reading)

With Ethier Injured, Five Dodgers Must Rise To the Occasion

Andre Ethier broke a bone in his right pinky finger on Saturday. Such is the consequence of taking extra batting practice. The Dodgers, currently riding a six-game winning streak, scored four runs in the first game of Andre's absence. Last ... (Continue reading)

Don’t Fall Off The Cliff: The Dodgers Need Cliff Lee

As it stands, the Dodgers are 15-17. This is an appalling statistic for a team loaded with talent. Unfortunately the Dodgers are one dimensional and can't play with the mentality of always climbing uphill; mainly due to the fact that it ... (Continue reading)

Five Key Prospects for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Budding young stars seem to be a trend in not only baseball, but in numerous sports. There is something to be said for harvesting your own players and having them shine. It has been a long time coming in baseball, ... (Continue reading)

Clayton Kershaw of LA Dodgers: Public Enemy No. 1

The days of waiting for a Dodgers ace may be over. As much as Stephen Strasburg is dominating the headlines, Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers deserves our attention. In Clayton's case, it won't make much difference if he receives it now ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Dodgers Broadcaster Vin Scully: A Legend of the Summer

 Long have been the days of opening our ears to the orchestra of baseball that is Vin Scully.  With fantastic elaborations and a profound prospective of the game, Mr. Scully has surely etched his name in Dodgers lore. Broadcasters on a regular basis ... (Continue reading)

Houston’s Roy Oswalt Heading To Hollywood?

 It is no secret that the Los Angeles Dodgers have a lack of leadership in their starting rotation. Not due to lack of talent, but rather lack of experience.  Ownership didn't bite the hook this off-season for a major contributing starter, whether that ... (Continue reading)

L.A. Dodgers’ Prospect Is Stealing First

 Teams salivate for a ballplayer who can influence a game without reaching first. The majority of the time that ballplayer is a major power threat that pitchers eye in the on-deck circle. Although Davaris (Dee) Gordon is little and different.  It is ... (Continue reading)

Hiroki Kuroda Holds The Key To The LA Dodgers’ Pitching Staff

Baseball is a game of numbers and here are a few that influenced the Dodgers and Hiroki Kuroda last season: 117.1 innings pitched, 20 games started, 12 HR allowed and a 40.50 postseason ERA. Many insiders and fans alike criticize the Dodgers for the ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Dodgers: Assessment Position by Position

SP: Clayton Kershaw Kershaw should be dominating, one day; In fact, I believe he will be as early as the second half of this season. Look for him to post around the same ERA (2.79-2.90) as last year, but with about ... (Continue reading)