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To NBA Commisioner David Stern: Please No Cancellation Without Representation

The last thing I want to see is the NBA in a long labor lockout after next season. And while I understand the arguments from both owners and players, it doesn't change the fact that their lockout would create a negative impact on me ... (Continue reading)

NBA: Exploring David Stern’s Campaign Against Bad Behavior

If you haven't heard already, commish David Stern is raising the financial penalty for technical fouls this year. In this post, I explore various aspects of this policy change. 1. Kobe Bryant makes an insane amount of money. Even though we all knew this ... (Continue reading)

Baron Davis, Eddy Curry: Rotten Apples Ruin a Good Thing for Everyone Else

A notable development in training camp this season is the number of players in contract years who are griping about their lack of financial security. Jamal Crawford, Aaron Brooks, and Kenyon Martin have all publicly expressed anxiety, which is understandable given the prospect of a more stringent CBA. ... (Continue reading)

Baron Davis: His Impeccable Timing and NBA Contracts

One of the peculiarities of NBA contracts is that salaries are completely guaranteed and unlike the NFL, rarely include performance-based incentives. There is almost nothing contractual that might hinder a player from taking a multi-year hiatus once their lucrative deal is signed. The oddity of the NBA isn't that there are so many players like ... (Continue reading)

“Grandpa” Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Have His Meter on Empty Just Yet

The last thing I want to see next June is Kobe hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy for the sixth time, tieing my beloved Michael Jordan, after beating my team, the Boston Celtics. I would rather give up my favorite weekly General ... (Continue reading)

Fantasy NBA: Forecasting Clipper Rookie Blake Griffin’s Production

There's some uncertainty about what to expect from Blake Griffin in this upcoming season. In message boards across the country, fantasy ballers are wondering in which round do I take Blake? I answer this question using historical rookie year production from ... (Continue reading)