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A Decade of Devastation: San Francisco 49ers Fight for Redemption

Have you talked to a 49ers fan under the age of 18 recently? It's not pretty. My cousin, who comes from a long line of 49ers fans, sobered me up faster than watching Rosie O'Donnell make out with a Twinkie. I ... (Continue reading)

Show of Hands: Promising 49ers Receivers Make Crabtree’s Absence Easier To Take

Michael Crabtree will not make an impact for the 49ers this year. And you know what? It won't matter. The 49ers have a host of weapons that they have not had in years and may have actually found a system that ... (Continue reading)

Barry Zito: The Bernie Madoff of Pitchers

Honestly, I have to be careful when I write about Barry Zito because I tend to lose any rational thoughts, and my heart rate races faster than Chris Farley's at a birthday party for cocaine. Every fifth day, I usually find myself ... (Continue reading)

How The 49ers Will Win The West With a Crazy Head Coach

There is no way to evaluate potential success in life without first looking at potential obstacles. The less foreseeable obstacles you have, the more you can focus on the task at hand and create momentum. For the San Francisco Forty Niners, ... (Continue reading)