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Oakland Raiders Mock Draft: The Real Beginning

Wow, what an offseason for the Raiders!Midway through free agency, a lot of Raiders fans were calling for Reggie McKenzie’s head. There were some big-name free agents out there, and Raider Nation wanted a few.With the cuts of Michael Huff, ... (Continue reading)

2013 Oakland Raiders Mock Draft: The Change Begins

After a very disappointing 4-12 season, the Oakland Raiders will turn their attention to the Senior Bowl (Coaching the North) and the NFL draft.The Senior Bowl should give them a chance to evaluate a lot of prospects on a personal ... (Continue reading)

2013 Oakland Raiders Mock Draft

The Oakland Raiders are going through their growing pains this year.The loss of owner Al Davis was very difficult for the Raider Nation, as was a host of other changes and obstacles.Bringing in a new general manager. Bringing in a ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: Jason Campbell Showing Much Needed Leadership

"The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been."-Henry KissingerWhat is going on with my beloved Oakland Raiders? Not only are they improving in the wins column, but now ... (Continue reading)

The Insanely Early 2011 Oakland Raiders Mock Draft

This has been a very, very interesting season. The Raiders have improved in quite a few areas this year and have fallen back in some, but overall, I think this team is heading in the right direction. I think last ... (Continue reading)

Hue Jackson: Motivator, Teacher, Enforcer

This weekend’s mini-camp has a different feel to it for many reasons. It would be fair to say that this change of feel is due to the outstanding draft, free agency signings, and coaching additions that the Raiders have had. Last ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders’ JaMarcus Russell at Mini Camp

JaMarcus Russell showed up for mini camp today. Contrary to rumors issued by the media, he is still a member of the Oakland Raiders. I think we can finally say that he is going to be given a chance to ... (Continue reading)

2010 Oakland Raiders Preview: Offense (Part One of Four)

The first mini-camp for the Oakland Raiders is right around the corner. Speaking with fans throughout the Bay Area, they are very excited about the upcoming season. This is a four-part series about the 2010 Oakland Raiders. It will focus on ... (Continue reading)

NFL Beware! The Oakland Raiders Are Scary Again

For football fans, the offseason is long and tedious. We are provided with two pacifiers: the NFL Combine and the NFL Draft.   For Oakland Raiders fans these pacifiers are a time that we get ridiculed by the press for our draft ... (Continue reading)

Are the Oakland Raiders Turning the Corner?

Is this really happening? There is something different in the air this year. The Raiders have been patient, calculating, and more importantly, they have been making the moves necessary to become a winning team.   The news media has destroyed the Raiders ... (Continue reading)