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Los Angeles Clippers: Can the Best Team in LA Ever Get the Respect It Deserves?

I'm not old. Nothing about me feels or really even looks old. Yet, my kids are constantly reminding me that I am, in fact, old.Although I personally don't see or feel it, I do have to admit to it when I invoke ... (Continue reading)

Chris Paul Invokes Old Los Angeles Clippers Mantra, Only This Time It’s True

I had to laugh recently when I read Chris Paul's comment, as reported by the Orange County Register.He was asked if tonight's game against the defending champion Miami Heat was a measuring stick for his upstart Clippers."I guess. They're the ... (Continue reading)

The Los Angeles Clippers Will Best the Lakers This Year, Take It to the Bank

Regardless of your basketball allegiance, you have to feel bad for the Clippers.This off-season was the busiest, and arguably the best, in franchise history for the other team in Los Angeles. They constructed one of the strongest second units in the NBA, ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Clippers: Lob City Is Looking More Like Sob City

Champions rebound after tough losses.Champions compete in every game, in every quarter.Champions are more team than individuals.These Los Angeles Clippers aren't champions.Hold off on those parade plans down Figueroa. Press pause on that long run into the playoffs. Hey Lakers, sorry, ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Clippers: Despite What You Have Heard, Their Season Starts Today

Now that the dust has settled on Lob City, it's time to take a step back and examine this year's Clippers a little closer.Gone are the two preseason games against the Lakers and the "official" season opener against the much-improved Warriors. ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Clippers: The Team Is Good Now, Here’s What’s Needed to Become Great

It's pretty incredible to consider that the Clippers' 2011 offseason was not only one of the most busy for the franchise, but for any franchise in the history of the NBA.The Clippers and offseason typically meant, well, off-season. There was a ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Clippers: Adding Caron Butler to the Mix Makes Them West Favorites

Caron Butler is a Clipper.Remember back when the combination of "Clippers" and "free agent" were only combined when news broke of a Clipper player leaving, not coming. Those days are gone. Players actually want to play for this franchise now.Caron Butler ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles: The December 2011 Sports Capital of the World

Remember back in 2001 when baseball's playoff season was delayed due to the September 11 attacks pushing World Series games into November? That series pitted the New York Yankees against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Even though the Yanks fell to the ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Clippers: Despite the Cavaliers Luck, Clippers Made the Right Move

Take a trip with me back to the wonderful world of junior high. Everyone is going through "changes," boundaries are being drawn and girls you used to think were annoying were times.Imagine a crowded hallway of JH kids, clearing the ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Clippers: It’s Time To Move Past Dunks and Appreciate This Team

Ok, I've had enough. I'm not mad at anyone, but enough is enough. It's time for the Clippers and their fans to move past this phase. It's time to stop talking about Blake Griffin and his dunks.I am as excited as the next guy ... (Continue reading)