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After All The Misfortune, Curses, Blake Griffin Captivates Hollywood

Blake Griffin's arms are so massive, on the bench press he performs 22 reps on the 185-lbs bench, a muscular specimen with strength as if he's Hercules or one of the world's strongest men who can incredibly pull a 7000 lb truck. As one of the ... (Continue reading)

Mike Singletary Experiment Crippled The Niners, Now Jed York Could Use a Cure

On Monday, he arrived in front of the press with a helpless look on his face, unsure how to amend from the downcast era of woeful collapses in a year the San Francisco 49ers were forecasted to win its attenuated division. There ... (Continue reading)

The Lakers Are Anything but Intimidating

If someone utters one word about the possibility of the Lakers capturing a three-peat, please let them know the Lakers aren't even close. It wasn't long ago when Kobe Bryant, wearing another championship T-shirt, gazing upwards to watch the confetti ... (Continue reading)

Tony Reagins Prolong Woes, So Angels’ Fans Might As Well Boycott

It's as if spirit has suddenly vanished on Katella Ave.; almost as if the Angels couldn't care less in revamping an inactive ballclub faced with tremendous emptiness and shame, unable to lure a blockbuster free-agent in an offseason attempt. Before, the ... (Continue reading)

Giants Withdraw Torture, Anguish by Winning a Gorgeous Treat

An entire city gathered collectively by the beautiful bay in celebration of its first ever baseball championship, waving pom-poms, wearing the fake beards and popping corks in the gorgeous streets of San Francisco.It’s clearly a myth to refer to the ... (Continue reading)

World Series 2010: San Francisco Giants’ Matt Cain Treats City To Party Near Bay

In a town that really knows how to party, Giants fans are throwing an after-party by the bay, thrilled by the San Francisco Giants' captivating turnaround. In every sense, the city has been a lively, festive place with Halloween looming ... (Continue reading)

World Series 2010: San Francisco Giants Prevail On a Scary, Tense Night

It really is a mesmerizing ballclub, not because the wildest crowd in San Francisco swings orange towels to erupt in a crazed frenzy, and not because the Giants closer Brian Wilson wears a beard to initiate a catchy mantra that ... (Continue reading)

Believe It, the Polished San Francisco Giants on Verge of Superiority

There are moments, often times in the postseason that legends are born and stories are written, when a team is most noticeable for assembling a spectacular sequence in October. Just a few weeks ago, the San Francisco Giants were seen ... (Continue reading)

NLCS Game 3: Matt Cain Evolves Into Unhittable Surprise as Giants Seem Worthy

From the moment the orange towels swung wildly in a city that hasn’t tasted this much gratification in some time now, the San Francisco Giants terrified their opponents and survived in a scoreless display to convince the world. On a Tuesday ... (Continue reading)

NLCS 2010: Cody Ross Not a Clown, But a Gigantic Star for Misfit Giants

It’s easy to cheer when your team is the Giants, a town awaiting a charming moment, a town awaiting a miracle, a town awaiting a celebration in the Bay Area. Earlier this season, when a refreshing moment hardly seemed far-fetched, ... (Continue reading)