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San Francisco 49ers: Will the Bengals Be an Easy Win?

We've seen it before.A vanilla, conservative offense that seems strong enough to get by a couple of bad teams in the beginning.A stout run defense backed by an abysmal pass defense. An iffy quarterback whom the head coach tries to ... (Continue reading)

The 2010 49ers: A List of Realistic Expectations

Forget predicting the record for the 2010 season. I could put anything from 6-10 to 11-5 and probably be able to argue my point. You never know how the league is going to change from game to game. Take the ... (Continue reading)

A Dose Of Realism: The 49ers Are Not Going To Win 11-Plus Games

Sorry to be a “Debbie Downer,” fellow 49ers fans, but the more I read “analyses” and “predictions” of us having an 11-plus win season makes me wonder if everyone has suddenly contracted amnesia. Have we forgotten just how bad we ... (Continue reading)

Extremely Premature 2010 49er Predictions

The 2010 NFL schedule has been released and for the first time in a while, the first games on the 49ers' schedule are not a few huge softball toss-ups. Alex Smith and the 49ers will not be able to start off ... (Continue reading)

Alex Smith Disclaimer: No Excuses Will Be Accepted For Poor Play

Well, the McNabb question is no longer a question, so that means Singletary’s quasi-endorsement of Alex Smith still stands. Smith, having the same O-coordinator going into consecutive seasons for the first time ever, will be “the guy” as the 49ers ... (Continue reading)

Could the NFC West Become Competitive?

I’m going to talk about some things that may unease some 49er fans. In light of the recent “McNabb trade talks v 8.0” I’ve decided to spitball some possible scenarios where McNabb could possibly make his way to the NFC West. ... (Continue reading)

The Danger of Buying Into Your Own Hype

As of late, ask any average Joe football fan about the 49ers and they’ll likely tell you two things: We have a good running game and our defensive is pretty good. There I go again, using “we” when referring to ... (Continue reading)

Reviewing San Francisco 49ers GM Scot McCloughan’s Draft History

Almost seemingly out of the blue, an otherwise “stable” 49ers front office has been thrown into controversy yet again. 49ers GM Scot McCloughan has been put on an extended leave of absence due to “personal problems.” This, of course, has ... (Continue reading)

The History f Our Sixth And Seventh Round Picks From 2000 On…

Well, Shaun Hill is gone, and let’s be honest; the writing was on the wall, wasn’t it? To be honest, I am surprised we got a seventh rounder for him. It is painfully obvious that he will never be a ... (Continue reading)