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Matching San Francisco 49ers’ Defensive Needs with Top 3 Picks in 2015 NFL Draft

So after declaring why the San Francisco 49ers must select a wide receiver with their first pick in the 2015 NFL draft, why not turn right around and argue why the Niners must use each of their first three picks ... (Continue reading)

Despite Recent Misses, San Francisco 49ers Must Draft a Wide Receiver in Round 1

Wide receivers, first-round draft picks and San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke share one of those relationships where each party increasingly resents the other. Well, not exactly. But the interplay between those three remains problematic. After missing on low-risk wideout Ronald ... (Continue reading)

Will San Francisco 49ers Draft Another Running Back for 7th Straight Year?

What do the San Francisco 49ers and their last six draft classes have in common? If you answered “seven rounds,” then, well, we recommend that you start thinking outside the box just a bit more. Despite having the incomparable Frank Gore on ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco 49ers Offensive Line Poised for Huge Rebound in 2015

Declaring that the San Francisco 49ers offensive line will rebound in a huge way in 2015 might seem as more of a trite statement rather than bold assertion. After all, the 49ers surrendered the third-most sacks in 2014, with Colin Kaepernick ... (Continue reading)

Why 49ers Have Yet to Earn Respect Back with Free-Agent Picks

Don’t let the San Francisco 49ers’ free-agent pickups fool you—they’re far from sufficient in earning back the respect of this franchise’s distraught fanbase. The otherwise astute signings of defensive tackle Darnell Dockett, wide receiver Torrey Smith and running back Reggie Bush ... (Continue reading)

Breaking Down Corey Lemonier’s Renewed Importance to 49ers’ Linebacker Corps

With one gone and another tenuously contracted, outside linebacker Corey Lemonier must realize the renewed importance he now holds to the San Francisco 49ers. A defense that no longer has the underrated services of Dan Skuta—and one that simply cannot know ... (Continue reading)

Why 49ers Wide Receiver Quinton Patton Faces Make-or-Break Year in 2015

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton has been accustomed to a background role since being selected in the fourth round (No. 128 overall) in the 2013 NFL draft. He’s been very much used to playing second, third or, if going ... (Continue reading)

Why Cornerback Is San Francisco 49ers’ Top Non-WR Draft Need

The San Francisco 49ers, wide receiver and team needs comprise one of those pre-draft trios that everyone knows and is likely tired of hearing about. Unless, that is, they're one of those cave-dwelling, off-the-grid types whose daily concerns lie in foraging and ... (Continue reading)

Top 10 NFL Free Agents San Francisco 49ers Must Sign

After covering the various NFL free agents that the San Francisco 49ers should avoid and the pipe-dream candidates who will simply land elsewhere, dissecting more realistic offseason additions is the logical progression. Instead of evaluating the defective and unobtainable players, it’s ... (Continue reading)

5 Free Agents Who Won’t Be Signing with the San Francisco 49ers

If the eternal truism “you always want what you can’t have” applies to the NFL, then the San Francisco 49ers technically want every single free agent on the market. Because that's just what happens when you spend $6 million more than ... (Continue reading)