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San Francisco 49ers Daunted By Another Franchise Rebuild

The 1981 season for the San Francisco 49ers marked the beginning of a historic run that few franchises have ever enjoyed. From a team that floundered in mediocrity, rose legends that the game will never forget. Bill Walsh ushered in the ... (Continue reading)

NLCS 2010: 10 Ways Tim Lincecum and Giants Send the Phillies Packing

The 2010 NLCS has but a short time left before evolving into The World Series, here are ten ways Tim Lincecum and company can expedite the process. Game Five of the script-busting NLCS begins this afternoon, promptly at 4:57pm. The skies above ... (Continue reading)

MLB Free Agents 2011: Top 10 Players The Giants Should Be Shopping For

No matter how deep San Francisco rides into the playoffs this year, the Giants should have a close eye on the 2011 Free Agent Class. The Giants can pitch, there is no doubt about that. As good as their bullpen ... (Continue reading)

NLCS 2010: Panda Sighting In Game 2, Pablo Sandoval Returning To SF Lineup?

The 2010 NLCS showdown between the Philadelphia Phillies and the San Francisco Giants is underway in earnest. With the series tied at one game apiece, the NLCS almost takes on a 5-game set feel. Game Three of this exciting series will ... (Continue reading)

NLCS 2010: Do The Giants Have Enough Thump To Take On The Mighty Phillies?

As the 2010 postseason delves further into October, the San Francisco Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies are the last two National League teams standing. The National League Championship Series between these two clubs will begin on Saturday, October 16th in ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants: Five Things They Need to Do to Win the Series in Colorado

By the time the San Francisco Giants take the field in Colorado Friday night, there will be nine regular season games left.I'm not sure there is anything regular about them. In these remaining games, the Giants will face the Colorado ... (Continue reading)

San Francisco Giants Once Again an Unbalanced Team With 10 Games Left

The State of the Union for the San Francisco Giants is slightly north of bleak. With 10 games left in the pennant race, it looks like two, possibly three teams stand in the way of the Giants and their first playoff ... (Continue reading)

NL West Race: The 10 Biggest Surprises in MLB’s Most Competitive Division

As we enter the final two weeks of the 2010 season, we are witnessing an epic battle for first place in the National League West.For fans out west, this has been one of the most exciting and memorable seasons in ... (Continue reading)

1989 San Francisco Giants National League Championship Team: Where Are They Now?

The 1989 San Francisco Giants will always be a special team. They were the first Giants squad that I had the rare privilege of watching play in a World Series. This Giant team had a potent lineup, they could hit ... (Continue reading)

Cries In San Francisco: ‘C’mon Barry, Don’t Zito Us, Not Now!’

Do you remember being excited about rooting for a Giant named Barry? I remember getting stoked about the idea that the Giants now had two Barrys to root for. As one Barry faded into the San Francisco mist, another joined the ... (Continue reading)