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Kobe Bryant 1st Player in NBA History with 30,000 Points and 6,000 Assists

Kobe Bryant never passes. Few NBA tropes are more tried and true and yet so tired—or have been since the late Bill Clinton Administration—than this one. But just because something can be true (and when your most trusted second option is this ... (Continue reading)

Dwight Howard Trade Killed Lakers’ Chances of Winning with Kobe Bryant

As big a basketball no-brainer as it seemed for the Los Angeles Lakers to acquire All-Star center Dwight Howard ahead of the 2012-13 season, the trade still required a massive amount of faith. Specifically, the notion that no one—especially someone of ... (Continue reading)

Better for Kobe Bryant’s Legacy: Retiring a Laker or Winning Another Ring?

The end of the NBA preseason is rarely fruitful terrain for bandying bold predictions, but here’s one that most should feel safe in making: The Los Angeles Lakers won’t win the NBA championship. Not this year, not next year and—barring some ... (Continue reading)

Jeanie Buss Calls out Free Agents Afraid of Kobe Bryant: ‘Losers’

From the not-so-magnanimous media coverage to his much-ballyhooed return from injury, Kobe Bryant has lately found himself under a microscope of nearly unprecedented intensity—and that's saying something. Scorching spotlight though it may be, Bryant has at least one stalwart in his ... (Continue reading)

9 Failed Moves That Contributed to Los Angeles Lakers Downfall

Over the course of their preseason slate, the Los Angeles Lakers have looked every bit a lottery-bound team—a collection of ill-fitting pieces and cast-off talent few believe is capable of crashing the Western Conference playoff party. Lack of stakes aside, L.A.’s ... (Continue reading)

Phil Jackson: Kobe Bryant’s Attitude Towards Training Surpassed Michael Jordan’s

Ever since Phil Jackson assumed control of the New York Knicks front office this past March, one question above all has dogged Carmelo Anthony: How would his triangle stint stack up against those of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant? Anthony will ... (Continue reading)

Byron Scott’s Championship Talk a Double-Edged Sword for Los Angeles Lakers

Hubris isn’t exactly a scarce commodity in the world of professional sports. If anything, it’s a prerequisite for any championship-caliber psyche—the mental pillar on which the world’s best athletes and coaches will inevitably lean in times both boom and bust. But ... (Continue reading)

Will L.A. Lakers Have Last Free-Agent Laugh After Quiet Summer?

While many an NBA franchise immersed themselves in this summer’s free-agency frenzy, the Los Angeles Lakers—long the standard-bearer for big signings and splashy trades—has remained ear-splittingly silent. LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love: strikeouts all for L.A., leaving Kobe ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Lakers’ Paper-Thin Wing Depth Waiting to Be Exposed

When you can count in your midst one of the two best shooting guards in NBA history, lack of wing depth shouldn’t be very high on the concern scale. But that’s precisely what the Los Angeles Lakers face in the weeks ... (Continue reading)

Magic Johnson: ‘It Messes Up My Whole Year When the Lakers Are Not Successful’

Dating back to their 1947 establishment in Minneapolis, the Los Angeles Lakers have won an NBA championship roughly once every four years. There are a couple of ways one could process this information. Either such consistent fortunes instills within you, the ... (Continue reading)