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Is the Championship Window Slowly Closing on the Los Angeles Clippers?

Heading into the 2014-15 season, you’d be hard-pressed finding a trio of teams with a better shot at winning the NBA championship than the Los Angeles Clippers. From star power to depth to two-way tenacity, the Clips have all the necessary ... (Continue reading)

Would Paul Pierce Take Los Angeles Clippers to the Next Level?

Few NBA teams are more familiar with being “one piece away” than the Los Angeles Clippers—welcome change though it must be from decades of dwelling in the doldrums. With the team capped out and no concrete trade prospects on the horizon, ... (Continue reading)

Cable Cut: Many California Fans Missed End of Classic Clippers-Thunder Game

On Nov. 17, 1968, NBC cut away from a thrilling shootout between the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders to air Heidi, a terrible made-for-TV movie about a young Swiss girl and her dog. Down for much of the game, the ... (Continue reading)

Blake Griffin Says Learning to Play with Chris Paul Took Time and Travel

NBA history is rife with superstar pairings who despised one another: Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and Smush Parker, Kobe Bryant and Kobe Bryant’s plush Kobe Bryant doll—the list goes on. Based on these ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Clippers Tie Most Wins in Franchise History, Clinch No. 3 Seed

This is your daily reminder that the Los Angeles Clippers—who were so bad for so long their futility became Newton’s fourth law—are a very good basketball team and could be for the foreseeable future. How good has their season been? History-making ... (Continue reading)

Jamal Crawford Explains Clippers’ Edge with Doc Rivers over Vinny Del Negro

In a little over a week, the Los Angeles Clippers will begin the 2013-14 NBA playoffs as one of the most balanced, dangerous teams in the race. Most basketball experts will point to Chris Paul as L.A.’s unquestioned leader and MVP. ... (Continue reading)

Dunk of the Night: Sunday, April 6

Doc Rivers got some much-deserved flak a few months back for comparing DeAndre Jordan to Bill Russell, who won 11 NBA championships and is widely considered one of the greatest and most important players ever to lace up a pair of ... (Continue reading)

Chris Paul Befriends Iowa Basketball Coach’s Son Suffering Thyroid Tumor

As cynical as society has become, it’s impossible not to wonder if NBA players see their league-sanctioned charity and community initiatives as opportunities to connect with the less fortunate, or just part of the job description. Which makes it all the ... (Continue reading)

Chris Paul Has Worst Shooting Night in Clippers Franchise History

If you can find a game this year featuring more diametrically opposed fortunes for two players on the same team than what Jamal Crawford and Chris Paul just experienced Wednesday night, I will eat a fern. First, there was this: Crawford ... (Continue reading)

Jamal Crawford Makes Clippers History, Passes Steve Nash on 3-Pointers List

It’s been a feel-good year for the Los Angeles Clippers, awash as they are in legitimate championship aspirations. Sixth-man extraordinaire Jamal Crawford added a dab more icing to the cake Wednesday night. In doing so, Crawford matched…some guy named Jamal Crawford in ... (Continue reading)