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Oakland Raiders’ Darren McFadden: Breakout Player of the Year?

Darren McFadden is my pick for 2010 Breakout Player of the Year based on several factors, including a new offensive coordinator, improved play on the offensive line, and of course, a better defense. But most importantly McFadden is going to be ... (Continue reading)

“Ro” Should Be Short For Rock

After reading various news stories about the Oakland Raiders defense and most importantly the new linebackers, I've been very impressed with what I've heard about Rolando "Ro" McClain. He's known as being a leader, a very smart player and a great ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Foundation Set, or Will They Dig the Hole Deeper?

It's very interesting reading various media content on the Internet about the Oakland Raiders and how most of the media consistently tab the Oakland Raiders as guaranteed losers simply because Al Davis is the owner/GM.  In most people's eyes, this team ... (Continue reading)

Getting Last Year’s Campbell Equals Eight Wins, What’s This Year Equal?

  After reading a recent ESPN article on breakout WR's this year, I found it quite interesting that Mike Wallace of the Steelers is on this list, but somehow the writer forgot to mention the Raiders' Louis Murphy. Chaz Schilens could ... (Continue reading)

No More Dead Weight Equals .500 Season for Oakland

For the past several years, Oakland has loaded its roster full of players with so much potential yet have no work ethic or willingness to be great players. These players were known for dragging their feet and really kept the ... (Continue reading)

What a Concept, Upgrade The Trenches and The Team Wins

Since Tom Cable has been named interim head coach he's been preaching the need for upgrading the trenches. Prior to the 2009 NFL Draft he was talking about wanting a Cadillac left tackle and that there were a few in ... (Continue reading)

Action Jackson and the Oakland Raiders

Hue Jackson, the new offensive coordinator for the Raiders, was hired to provide Oakland with better play calling and instill more confidence within this young team. Confidence and having the ability to communicate with players has been a very critical part ... (Continue reading)

JaMarcus Russell’s Lack of Heart Explains NFL Failure

The more I reflect on JaMarcus Russell's entire college career and his time in Oakland, I start to see a picture of an extremely talented kid who should've taken the team on his shoulders at LSU and won a couple ... (Continue reading)

The Truth About Al Davis And Workout Warriors

Al Davis definitely loves his players to have a certain look, often called a "get off the bus" look about them. Height/weight/speed ratio freaks are often tied to Al Davis, but year after year it seems like the Vernon Gholston/Mike ... (Continue reading)

Jamarcus Russell: Misunderstood?

  Jamarcus Russell is a QB who is easily the most misunderstood QB in the NFL. He’s 6’6” 270 lbs, has a cannon for an arm, and is nearly as big as some of the defensive tackles he faces each week. Because ... (Continue reading)