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JC’s LA View: Desperate Dodger Deals Dare Disaster

Striker: Surely you can't be serious. Rumack: I am serious... and don't call me Shirley. One couldn’t be surprised if Dodgers manager Joe Torre slipped into the role of Ted Striker from the movie “Airplane!” when talking to L.A.’s GM ... (Continue reading)

JC’s Dodger View: Pirates & Marlins Ruin LA’s Opening Week

Opening Day in Pittsburgh - while warm & breezy, Pittsburgh is not high on the list of places I would hope to begin the season. Sadly I was not consulted by the schedule makers. This would be the start of ... (Continue reading)

JC’s Dodger Line Drives | Feb. 22: Manny Ramirez Won’t Be in LA Come 2011

The wire services are crackling with what is deemed to be news today—Manny Ramirez is saying he will not return to the Dodgers in 2011! This revelation ranks right up there with water being wet and the sky being blue. Any Dodger ... (Continue reading)

JC’s Dodger Line Drives | Feb 16: Eric Gagne Hopes for a Return To LA

Former Dodger closer Eric Gagne can represent the best of times as well as the worst of times for Dodger fans. Some would say strains of "Welcome to the Jungle" still reverberate around Chavez Ravine. Others still feel disgust from the ... (Continue reading)

JC’s Dodger Line Drives | Feb 8: Previewing LA’s Starters for 2010

Excellent starting pitching has been the leading edge of Dodger championship teams. Hurlers such as Koufax and Drysdale, Sutton and Messersmith, as well as Valenzuela and Hershiser have paced Los Angeles' supremacy from the rubber. Most have been developed in the ... (Continue reading)

JC’s Department of Painfully Obvious: Barry Bonds’ Future and NHL On ESPN

The agent for Barry Bonds —seen here in his current uniform and looking over his shoulder at the wreckage left in his wake—conceded today the playing days of the steroid-tainted slugger are over. It would appear the fact every team has ... (Continue reading)

JC’s Dodger Line Drives | Dec. 1: L.A.’s Vin Scully To Return for 2010

The Dodgers have just confirmed, to the great pleasure of their fans, the return of their most valuable asset—Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully. In the middle of last season, the 60th of Scully's Dodger career, there was a lot of ... (Continue reading)

JC’s Dodger Line Drives | Oct. 20: Dodgers Extend GM Ned Colletti’s Deal

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced today they will extend general manager Ned Colletti's contract. After speaking with the team's PR department, I was informed that while they will not release the exact number of years in the agreement, the word ... (Continue reading)

JC’s Dodger Line Drives | Aug. 8: Dodger Bats Leave Clayton Kershaw Hanging

Clayton "Chinstrap" Kershaw took the mound Saturday night in Los Angeles looking to redeem himself after taking a loss his last time out against Milwaukee, in a game where he only worked four innings and allowed a career-high six walks. Chinstrap ... (Continue reading)

JC’s Dodger Dugout Whispers | Will There Be LA / San Francisco Fireworks

Next week, the Los Angeles Dodgers travel north to face their favorite enemy, the San Francisco Giants, in a three game series that begins on Monday. Looking forward, past your current opponent, is one of the worst things a player ... (Continue reading)