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Life Changes In a Blink Of an Eye, It’d Be Nice If the Raiders Wouldn’t Part 2

When you think of the Oakland Raiders you think of the most monumental owner in NFL history. Al Davis has done so much for the game of football I would be doing him an injustice by trying to write down all ... (Continue reading)

Life Changes In a Blink Of an Eye, It’d Be Nice If the Raiders Wouldn’t Part I

At 8-8 the Raiders have made 2010 a season to remember, unfortunately Raider nation didn't have much time to enjoy as the Oakland Raiders once again shuffle the deck of cards to find another head coach.   By now everyone knows how I feel about Tom Cable. He was ... (Continue reading)

Tom Cable Finds Out That Listening to Players Can Be Beneficial to His Career

Well, there you have it ladies and gentleman, not a perfect season but one to remember.  I want every Raider fan to know even though it seems like the Oakland Raiders always have crazy issues going on, so does everyone else.  Every team has issues. ... (Continue reading)

Tom Cable: Another Year at Head Coach for Oakland Raiders?

The Oakland Raiders have successfully earned their way out of the bottom half of the NFL.  Clearly the Raiders have not achieved all of their goals, but they have made improvements and will be going into the off-season with a good foundation to build on. For the last eight years, ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Doing Little Things Right and Making Football Fun to Watch Again

The NFL is easily the most watched sport in the USA due to the entertainment value that it provides for the fans.  That same entertainment value that carries the NFL is also the reason the Raiders have had a hard time selling out ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders Will Not Be Satisfied With Another Losing Season—Period

When a player has an opportunity to play in the NFL, he leaves people wanting to know the trials and tribulations it took to get there, as if there is a secret to your success.  When people ask me, I wish that I ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers: Raiders Finally Have Their Day

Holding a grudge is a bad idea and we learn as kids to forget and forgive, thank God that doesn't apply in the game of football.  I don't know what everyone else was watching during the Raiders vs. Chargers game, ... (Continue reading)

Players Pick and Choose Their Battles Wisely Before Speaking

With all the football experience a NFL player has, it's no surprise players have their own opinion on how a team should operate.   The problem is players face a lot of scrutiny from their own team when expressing their opinion. With that being said, most players choose not to ... (Continue reading)

NFL: Understanding the Mindset of the Player After Losing

Unlike most jobs the NFL is full of negativity, an every players must fight his way through it or he will never have a chance to complete a single season.  It doesn't matter if the negativity is coming from a coach, fan, or another player on ... (Continue reading)

Oakland Raiders: Week In and Week Out, the Title Changes Hands

The reason the NFL is the biggest sport in the USA is because you have no idea what team is going to be on top from week to week.  I only can imagine how let down many Oakland Raider fans were when they watched the Raiders' ... (Continue reading)