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Already in the Fold, Part 3

  I am generally a bigger fan of the 4-3 defense than the 3-4 alignment. One of the reasons is I like the emphasis it puts on the pass rush and pressuring the outside lanes for running ... (Continue reading)

Day 81: Andy Shalbrack

Andy Shalbrack deserves your attention (CREDIT: Columbia Athletics)I like to finish off these lists of 10 notable Columbia players at every position with a current Lion. And I also always like to give as much recognition to Andy Shalbrack '10 ... (Continue reading)

Columbia Football History: 3 Wide Out Set

Go deep. Real deep, like to that deserted island on Lost.I continue my look at 100 special players in Columbia football history. Here are three more wide receivers to tide us over for the next three days in the 100-day countdown. He ... (Continue reading)

Working and Playing with Archie Roberts

Columbia Hall of Famer Archie Roberts (CREDIT: Columbia Athletics)We are now at part three of the Roger Dennis interview. Click here for part one and here for part two. This part is solely dedicated to Roger's memories of Columbia ... (Continue reading)