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Los Angeles Lakers Director of International Scouting Adam Filippi Interview

Adam Filippi is the Los Angeles Lakers’ Director of International Scouting and Player Development Coach, and he also agreed to take some questions from me to let us all know what his job’s about, and why and ... (Continue reading)

George Blanda: My Tribute To an NFL Legend

He had the career that never ended. He was coached by legends. He's the NFL's leading scorer. And he had a biting sense of humor. Monday, football lost one of its all-time brightest stars. He ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Lakers: Defense Wins Championships

As the 2010-2011 NBA season draws near, the Los Angeles Lakers look primed for another championship run with a deeper and meaner roster. The Lakers added more firepower in their lineup after acquiring Steve Blake, Theo ... (Continue reading)

A Homage to Isaac “the Reverend” Bruce

In 2008 Isaac Bruce, who had played for the Los Angeles (’94)/St. Louis Rams for fourteen seasons, was released by the franchise. “No worries,” I quietly thought, “the Rams will re-sign him just like they did in ... (Continue reading)

2010 NBA Champions: Ron Artest Goes From Demon To Redeemed

Demons have mystical powers; that comes with being a demon. Two years ago, one of Kobe Bryant's demons strolled into the Lakers' sullen Game 6 post-blow-out-title-loss locker room. The demon caught up with Kobe literally as Kobe was ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant: The Greatest Los Angeles Laker Ever?

Never in my life will I claim to know more about the game of basketball than "The Logo" himself, but Jerry West stating that Kobe Bryant is "the best Laker ever" is a bit much. Anyone that knows me ... (Continue reading)

NBA Finals 2010: Lamar Odom Is Toni “Nightmare” Kukoc With a Sun Tan

NBA fans over the age of 15 certainly remember Toni Kukoc, aka "the Croatian Sensation," "the white Magic," even "the European Jordan." He played in the NBA from 1993 to 2006, most famously (or infamously, depending on one's ... (Continue reading)

WHOA Lakers’ Fans, the Victory Parade Has Yet to Begin

I admit, as a Lakers fan, it's hard not to be excited right now. After all, our "Lake Show" just dominated the hated Celtics in Game 1—in virtually every phase of the game. Pau Gasol made Kevin ... (Continue reading)

Derek Fisher: One Of a Kind

The leadership. The hustle. The passion, heart, determination. The clutch shots time after time. The needed turnover. There is someone that can claim all these and more. Yet, he may not make the Hall Of Fame, he may ... (Continue reading)

Lakers-Celtics Finals’ Preview: “All That” But STILL The “Usual This”

The "All That"... The Draft: You know how it works. Like all professional leagues in America, the NBA holds one every year. It's designed, of course, to give the crappy teams leverage in the acquisition of ... (Continue reading)