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San Diego Chargers Or L.A. Chargers: The Pros and Cons of L.A. and San Diego

This article is to come to terms about the impending issue facing the San Diego Chargers as an organization in the immediate years to come.  That issue is the development for a new stadium.  Moving a team is a very ... (Continue reading)

San Diego Chargers’ RB Mathews Gave Fans Little Glimpse Of What Could Have Been

One thing is very evident about Ryan Mathews that we learned today: he is what AJ Smith thought he could be.   AJ Smith was scrutinized by opposing AFC West and Chargers fans alike for moving up 12 spots in the ... (Continue reading)

Dean Spanos, San Diego Chargers: Smart Decision Keeping AJ Smith and Norv Turner

Dean Spanos is bringing both AJ Smith and Norv Turner back.  I am so happy that he made that tough choice and not fall under the pressure of Charger fans, which I'm sure the majority of them don't know anything about football. ... (Continue reading)

Titans’ Three-Headed Monster Is San Diego Chargers’ Best Friend Against Chiefs

Looking at how the Chargers' playoff hopes dwindled a little bit when the Rams weren't able to give the Chiefs their sixth loss, I took some time to do some much-needed research on the Chargers' chances of heading to the ... (Continue reading)

San Diego Chargers To End the San Francisco 49ers’ Postseason Dreams

This Thursday Night Football game will be explosive.  You have two teams with playoff implications on the line.  Two teams that will play harder, run faster, react quicker and jump higher than any game they've played this season.  These two ... (Continue reading)

San Diego Chargers Dominate Chiefs With No Rain or Special Teams To Hide Behind

Wow.  Just wow.   Many months ago, I wrote an article before the Monday Night Football game between the Chargers and Chiefs.  I had no doubt that the Chargers would destroy the Chiefs.  I mean, the Chargers had the better squad ... (Continue reading)

San Diego Chargers 2010: Bolts Should Employ Colts’ Strategy to Beat the Chiefs

About 13 weeks ago, on a wet and windy Monday night after 60 minutes of football, the San Diego Chargers opened their 2010 season with a tough nail-biting loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.   The shocked Chargers squad, 14 points; ... (Continue reading)

San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders: The Raiders Wanted It More

In a game where the Chargers had all the stars aligned for them, it seemed that they went into this game against the Raiders expecting that they'd dominate like they did the last two games.   Did I expect the Chargers ... (Continue reading)

San Diego Chargers 2010: Never Underestimate The Boltz Rushing Attack

"The San Diego Chargers have the most balance offense in the league.  Having the ability to beat a defense in any way shape or form base on what the Chargers deem to be the opposing defenses' weakness or what the ... (Continue reading)

San Diego Chargers Hoping for Military Precision Against Oakland Raiders

Let there be no doubt, ladies and gentlemen, this is revenge week.  The San Diego Chargers know they have to win this game as much as any other game on their schedule.  They are heading into this upcoming match motivated ... (Continue reading)