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Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: 6 Reasons Lakers Star Is Closest We’ll See to MJ

If this season has taught us anything, Kobe Bryant is no Michael Jordan.The large discrepancy in their career stats has always been there but in the past Bryant fans, myself included, have tried arguing that the difference in their respective ... (Continue reading)

Mike Brown LA Lakers’ New Coach: Why the Dynasty Is Really Over Now

This is suicide.I can’t think of any other word for it.But I have gotten ahead of myself. For those of you still unaware of the coming apocalypse, various sources, including ESPN, claim that Mike Brown is the front runner among ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and the Top 10 NBA Careers of All Time

This time last year the Lakers were rolling through the Western Conference on their way to another title and inching closer to becoming the NBA’s next dynasty.Bryant was inching closer to tying Michael Jordan’s career six championships.Following their disgraceful exit ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Lakers: First 6 Orders of Business for New Lakers Head Coach

They say the hardest jobs in America are teacher, preacher and President of the United States.I would vote to have head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers added to the list. Managing what just might be the most high-profile franchise in ... (Continue reading)

Pau Gasol: How Important Is His Offensive Improvement to the Los Angeles Lakers?

Many of the Lakers' earlier struggles were due to age old issues the team has been facing for years such as age, complacency and a lack of offensive balance, or more bluntly, the ball hogging ways of Kobe Bryant.  The ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers: How Kobe Can Instill Championship Mentality in His Team

There are no words to describe just how pathetic the Lakers’ season has become.  Oh wait, there’s “disgusting“, “underperforming“, “demoralizing“, “apathy-ridden” and “lifeless”.Those seem to do the trick. After Bryant's somewhat slow start to the season (by his high standards), ... (Continue reading)

Lakers/Heat Face Off: 6 Ways Lakers Can Emerge Victorious On Christmas Day

For the first time in three years, the L.A. Lakers will square off against the Miami Heat on Christmas Day. Unlike the previous Laker/Heat holiday match-ups, this could actually be an early NBA Finals preview, but of course that's what we ... (Continue reading)

Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers: 8 Reasons Why They’re Still Favorites Out West

We never learn.We cried that the sky was falling in 2001 when the Lakers finished with 11 fewer victories than they had finished with during their previous 67-win championship season.Then, they completed the most dominant post-season run of all time.We ... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Lakers: 8 Things We’ve Learned about Kobe Bryant and Co. in 2010-11

(This will be the first in a series that will detail things learned about each of the NBA’s 30 teams)We’re 12 games into the season with the defending champs and, well, some things don‘t change—the Clippers are terrible, the Suns ... (Continue reading)

Carmelo Anthony: 8 Reasons Why Lakers Should Consider Trading Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum has been both a source of frustration and hope for the Lakers ever since his noticeable absence in the 2008 NBA Finals contributed to the Celtics' exploitation of the Lakers' interior.The hope has stemmed from ... (Continue reading)